spent the day paroozing around ogden and layton
(how do you spell that?)
visiting darling little consignment shops
and wishing i had a million dollars.
ate lunch at a yummy pizza place.
relaxed with an episode of glee.
drove to West Valley,
ate dinner at training table
and then...
the moment Kym and I have been waiting for...
for OVER a YEAR.
its seriously one of my ALL TIME favorite shows and soundtracks.
its hilarious. and happy.
and today was FINALLY the day.
its maybe a little strange at the amount of joy these things bring me.
but i was seriously over-joyed.
we are talking about cloud nine kind of joy people.
the 'im so happy i could cry' kind of joy.
and then it ended 2 hours later, 
and really did feel like crying
because i was so sad. 
but i just jumped in my car and blasted the soundtrack
and felt better.
but serious folks.
broadway sure is magical.
i love it sooooo much.
and was so glad i got to spend the weekend with my bestie KYM!
love ya!

p.s. seriously. check out the soundtrack. you will LAUGH and you will CRY. and you WILL go see it. 
p.s.s today is my Karinne's birthday. this is a shoutout for her...even though she is not a blogger and will never see it, its still a shoutout nonetheless. LOVE YOU KREN!


Lindsay said...

perusing. just so you know.
alos, i love the drowsy chaperone :)

All About Gretchen! said...

:D awww karinne! happy birthday! :D i should get it on my iPod:D tee-hee.