todays theme:
why? well let me tell you:
1. its Friday
2. its OCTOBER
3. i could really, truly smell autumn this morning
(it turned all summery again this afternoon, but i smelled autumn at one point)
4. i got free lunch from the PTA
5. drove to one of my favoritest places in the world
my lovely little town of Logan
6. saw one of my BFFs Karinne
7. and witnessed an Aggie victory.
not just ANY Aggie victory, 
but THE Aggie victory.
tonight im sure there are hundreds of little Cougars crying themselves to sleep.
and Aggies will be celebrating until the end of time.
Thats right. 
Utah State-31
BYU- 16.
i love my aggies.
8. getting on facebook and ONLY seeing updates from my lovely fellow Aggies
today was a great day.

and although this is probably a little inappropriate, 
i couldnt help but chuckle. 
follow the prophet!

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All About Gretchen! said...

Hahahha. "You saw the light.." just in time whit. hahahha