hum......not the best day to say the least.
but alas, there is joy in everyday. pinky swear.

1. one of my kids is going to disneyland next week and started crying when she realized shes going to miss my last day.
2. there are only 3 days of school this week. then i get a 5 day weekend.
3. jason mraz always knows how to cheer me up.
4. tomorrow is gleeday. (forget about calling it tuesday anymore, i have changed the name)
5. made tortellini and pesto for dinner. and for lunch tomorrow. heaven.
6. stressed. so i cleaned my room. and bathroom. sparkly!
7. wore my cupcake socks
8. had a solid gym work out tonight.
9. listened to 'toxic' and 'billionaire' several times while at the gym
10. tanned.
11. ate a juicy apple before bed.

<3 its amazing really. how a crap day, really isnt that crappy.

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