weekend. sweet. weekend.
so great.
so lovely.
so happy.
today was full of sleeping in, cleaning, costa vida, more cleaning, organizing, and a little bit of shopping.
now we are watching this
i love spending saturdays with my mom and sister :)



summer class number 1 = DONE
ahhhh such a relief.
now just to await my final grade
AND get cracking on the last of class number 2...

oh, went to savers with mom and found brand new adidas shoes for ten bucks.
also, watched this movie tonight with mom and gretch.
can you say love?!
i loved every minute of it.
definitely one i need to purchase.



today was kind of crappy.
but i survived and its shaping up to be an okay evening.
the highlight of the day was the fact that it was dress like a superhero day
and since we have awesome campers, 
most of them came all decked out in the most random outfits ever.
my favorite part was when two spidermans started fighting.
it was the funniest thing to watch. haha
they eventually figured out their differences and were bffs after that
but i was thoroughly amused in the process.

i also finally took my midterm today and it was definitely the easiest test of my life.
now for the final tomorrow. 
haha yes. procrastination is my middle name.

i forgot to mention 2 of the funniest things that happened yesterday.
while the children were in the room watching a movie,
i was out in the hall calling parents with nancy.
as we quietly walked back into the dark room
all the kids turned around and started applauding us!
it was soo random, and soo great!
it made my life.

then when we were out on the playground,
one kid who is i think 10,
asked me to marry him.
he said he was really 35 so it would be okay,
i laughed so hard,
but then told him actually thats too old for me...
then he started acting like an old man and calling all the other children little 'whipper-snappers'
i think i about died. where on earth do they come up with these things?!



oh gotta love wednesdays.
it was suppossed to be a swim day,
BUT we had a magnificient summer storm instead :P
we got bused to our rain site where we watch the percy jackson whatever its called movie
which i found quite hilarious.
nancy and i laughed a lot
and a bunch of kids kept telling us to shut up cause it wasnt funny.
that made us laugh more.
then we played on the playground
and of course it was now sunny and blistering hot...go figure...
but before i knew it, work was over and it was staff meeting time!
oh this week was good old fanci freeze...yum!
after that, nancy and i went to the institute and sat and talked cause who actually goes to the institute building for a class?!
but we did partake of the wednesday night treat...only because it was SNOWCONES. yes!
after this adventure, we met nancy's friend scott at the movie theater and saw inception.
today was DEFINITELY a good day.
and im soo glad i spent like 16 hours of my day with the same person.
oh good times...



totally went to dominos on a field trip today.
we hung out in the freezing fridge full of dough,
got to assemble our own pizza boxes,
and got to make our own pizzas.
the kids (as well as myself) had a grand old time
and then i left for the day.
i took half the day off to crank out the homework.
got lots done.
and probably fried my brain in the process
BUT i got to learn all about the romantic era 
and opera, WHICH are without a doubt my 2 favorites.
so all in all, it was a pretty tight day :)



mmmmmmm happy birthday to me.
i received an overwhelming amount of texts, phone calls, and good old facebook messages.
thanks soo much.
it really was a most triumphant day.



ahhh sundays.
i had to say goodbye to my besties this morning...which was not fun,
but i wore my yellow shoes to make up for it
and even got to open a b-day present early just because mom said it would match.
church was entertaining as usual...oh the branch kills me, 
i hate to admit it, but im quite looking forward to being back in a singles ward... in utah
then spent the afternoon learning about baroque music, impressionistic music and requiems.
what a perfect sundayyyy



sleeping in a little...
adventures at ross.
lunch at home.
which included lots of giggling as well. 

then, jamming to some BSB in the car.
adventurous shuttle ride to the park.
relaxing in the shade.
cotton candy happiness!
securing our spot close to the stage.
random chick fight behind us. really?
new band to check out...days difference. me like!
macy gray surprisingly entertaining.
having 2 of my campers join us.
i love my 12 year old BFFS :)
and....drumroll please...
oh man. this was 50 minutes of reliving my elementary days.
i felt like i was twelve again. 
and in the words of hannah...'they've still got it.'
i topped the event off with the best lemonade of my life,
and then we hit up merritts. ahhhh good old merritts.

today was a great day. 



only 4 hours of work today
WHICH included lots of phase 10, i've never, and telephone
oh man. kids sure are hilarious and weird. which is why i love them.

then, off to play with the girls!
lots of shopping...which i love.
new swimsuit, shorts, lipgloss, flipflops and i cant remember what else.
dinner in downtown pulled pork and cucumber water of my life...
then off to the most adorable movie i have ever seen.
and that is NO exaggeration.
it is without a doubt my number 2 favorite movie ever. ever. ever.
i laughed. i cried. i bawled. and i was literally overwhelmed with joy. no joke.
it was my kind of movie.
plus, i kind of actually fell a little bit in love with john corbett. 
i think im getting old.
after the movie we had a fantabulous time waltzing around campus
enjoy the river
and the random boy band performance in the park.
ahhhh i love my girls
and...boise in the summer <3



tropical day at work. 
some children just crack me up :)
i really have the best summer job everrrr.
came home...homeworked it up
cleaned the house.
watch SYTYCD
totally going to be the best weekend EVER!



swim day.
off at 3.
quick nap.
staff meeting 6-7
randomly staying in the subway parking lot till 10 pm...

i love summer <3



nancy brought homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast,
i schooled several children at phase 10 this morning,
we all wore our tye dye shirts
{mine turned out surprisingly awesome!}
and went to IceWorld for our fieldtrip!
lots of kids falling down,
but lots of fun too.
PLUS i have ALWAYS wanted to win something in those claw machines,
it was a purple dolphin...we named it Georgia. what?! ...i dont know.
then played 4-way soccer
had an obstacle course...
which right as i had gotten all the children quiet and was about to explain how the obstacle course worked, some random guy in the park yelled really loud 'ya baby!' in a deep voice. the kids just about lost it, thinking it was the funniest thing ever. haha was funny, but you probably had to be there...
ALSO a new david archuleta song came out today. um....LOVE IT ALREADY!
anywho, today was a good day :)
now only 2 more days till kren and kym come to PLAY!
*note-my mom just asked if we had several disabled children at my camp. AHHH HAHAHA no, these are just walker things that little kids can use on the ice. oh ma...

happy tuesday!



oh mondays.
always an adventure :)
today my favorite camper came back after a 2 week vacation.
we played with outrageous ooze,
which dyed my hand blue!
made Hawaiian lei's for
our Luau on Thursday.
and i accidently took a nap when i got home.
ahhhh. happy. 



spent most of the drive home reading my book for my summer class.
its music 1010 and is so silly and redundant, i feel as if i could take the tests in my sleep.
the class is catered for students who know nothing about music
but want and need to learn how to love and appreciate classical music.
so as annoying as it is...ahhh i hate to admit it...BUT i kind of enjoy it
most of the lectures he just plays music and pinpoints certain things for us to listen to.
then the textbook we have to read is written in story format!
its about a silly boy in college who starts falling for this girl who is a violin major
and she teaches him all about classical music.
im dead serious, it kills me. 
but i kind of like it at the same time. 
its opens up my mind more to both sides of either loving classical music
or thinking its a complete bore.
its great. 
my favorite quotes from the book, that i read today was:

"music is a natural way to experience the full range of emotion. it opens the window into the soul of other human beings."

ahhh music makes me happy <3
"music is everywhere around us,if only we had ears to hear it."



um, apartment hunting is so tedious, and semi-annoying
but its SO exciting when you find the perfect one
at the perfect price
and the perfect location.
so exciting!

also went to this darling cafe in salt lake
that im pretty sure i will become a regular at.

saw my dearest katie leeflang craigo for a bit
i sure do love her!
can't believe she has been married for a month!

happy saturday!
{i dont know whats with all these creepy pictures i keep finding, but they are entertaining me, how about you?}



woo hoo. friday!
we celebrated tyler's birthday at work today
had a swim day,
got my free snowcone
and now off to utah.
 {p.s. this picture has nothing to do with anything, but i found it to be just creepy enough to go on my blog. happy friday!}



i wore a tutu and music themed knee-socks to work today.
now how often in life can you say that?!



wednesday = swim day.
pretty sure 12 and 13 year old drama is SO entertaining. those kids kill me! haha i love them!
mom wanted a costco chococlate cake for her b-day. who knew she would get FIVE! seriously, no joke! death by chocolate!
i love that kassie came to work on her day off :D
red robin for moms birthday dinner.
cry gift = success
savers shopping!
mom is making me a tutu for cRaZy DaY! at camp tomorrow!
its going to be AWESOME!

happy wednesday!
and happy birthday to my dear sweet favoritest mom ever.
and happy birthday to my dear friend kassie!
love you both!



why yes going to blacklight mini golf for our field trip today,
and doing up-side-down lip syncs this afternoon
made my day quite enjoyable.

but the real highlights of my day were:
  •  explosion in random persons yard...what?! run! haha
  • sam's weird love for grandmas ;)
  • working all day with nancy...THEN hanging out after work.
  • getting a call from one of my campers just cause she missed me.
  • running into another camper at target, and getting a huge hug like she hadnt seen us in months.
  • reading jenie's email
  • chocolate costco cake anyone?
  • feeling depressed about missing out on girls night in salt lake, but then randomly getting 4 'i love you and miss you' texts all at the same time.
  • chatting with karinne
  • making birthday surprises
today was a good day.
i really do just love the little things in life...



well let me see....
this is what i did at work today
pretty happy if you ask me :)

 i also watched this trailer today.
life is hard. and life is good.
made me realize my problems aren't really worth crying over too



happy 7/11 day!
too bad free slurpee day fell on a sunday
AND they got rid of all the 7/11 stations in boise.
BUT luckily it was HARRY POTTER weekend on ABC family.
AND a jello linger longer at the singles branch today.
pretty happy if you ask me :)



i spent this glorious!
and i mean SHOPPING.
my mom and my sister and i spent 9 straight hours today shopping our lives away!
and it was a blast!
first stop was the flea market 
which is ALWAYS and adventure.
i found a little eiffel tower pin the i adore :P
and there was a scentsy vendor there
so i just HAD to buy 3 new smells!
then we went to the lavender festival in nampa.
definitely got there a little too late in the day,
we missed out on the lunch,
and had to harvest our lavender in the blazing sun,
BUT it was still really fun.
it was a quaint little farm, and just huge fields of lavender...which i love.
after that we went to costa for lunch <3
and then hit up the mall and target.
i bought some happy new shoes,
and earrings!
it was definitely a great day!
as you can tell, but all the annoying !!!!! and :) :) :) i used in this post.
whatever. i cant help myself :)



swim dayyyyyyyy.

also: paydayyyyyyyy!!!
so what did i buy?
a piggy bank.
im totally not joking!
i thought it was so adorable, i just couldnt resist.
love it!

(apologies for the really crappy quality of the camera on my phone)



today was our good old cinco demeyer celebration.
5th week of camp at demeyer park...get it?
ha ha ha ha
yes we think we are cool.
anyways, it was a blast as usual
{except for some ridiculous junior counselor drama....really?}
but we had good time!
lots of good food
and acting goofy...which is in fact my favorite thing to do.

also it was my dad's birthday today!
we made him a steak dinner and bought some pies.
happy b-day dad! 
<3 you!



swim days, swim days oh how i love swim days.
because they include:
swimming of course...which i love,
and free snowcones, thanks to snowcone man trevor
wednesdays also mean staff was my choice
...i obviously picked red robin. woo hoo!

the best part of today was that after swim day and staff meeting
2 of my coworkers and i...
went swimming again!
ahhhh we must love swimming AND we must get a long too well.
oh good old summer.
love it!



oh what a day...

field trip to the movies. 
happy news from kym and karinne.
pinata making.
cookie decorating.
arts and crafts.
playing games.
have i ever mentioned i love my job?
also, finally saw eclipse. 
yes yes i did.
deal with it.
im willing to admit that i quite enjoyed it :)



my favorite thing about the 4th of july being on a sunday is because then it is celebrated for 3 whole days!
that never ever happens!
today i had the day off
which was swell!
the scout troop put on a fundraiser pancake breakfast and flag ceremony
and samuel piped for it.
it was fun, and the food was pretty tasty.

the rest of the day i did a whole lot of nothing
which is soooo ok by me.
my whole family took longs naps during the day
and then watched a movie and did some cleaning.
it was peaceful and relaxing
and happy :)

now back to good old work!



have i ever mentioned that i LOVE the 4th of july?
cause i do.
a lot.
and always have.
its just so happy :)

church. testimonies. primary kids. piano playing. naps. food preparing. driving. picnicing. relaxing. waiting. catching up with childhood friends. playing games. firework watching. driving home. sleep.

sounds like a perfect independence day to me.



4th of july festivities day 1 was today.
it was awesome.
it was perfect.
it included, but was not limited to the following:

bagpipes. parade. flags. candy. picture taking. walking. downtown shopping. laughing. teasing. family. reflecting. napping. shopping. giggling. paddleboats. baby ducks. sunshine. listening to great 4th of july music. relaxing. fancy freeze. icecream. bike ride. grocery shopping. and now ...sleep :)
is that not the greatest day ever?!
ya thought so myself.



pool day with only 16 kids.
done over an hour early.
shopping with mom and the twins.
watching the harry potter trailer for probably the 14th time.
chatting with gwen and kasidy.

i love 4th of july weekend.
and this may just turn out to be one of the best.



today i managed to walk out of the house
with a navy blue shirt, red shorts, and black flip flops on.
i sometimes amaze myself at my inability to wake up.
awesome :)

my coworkers dad stopped by camp today and as he was leaving said
"have fun at your party!"
haha party? yes. work? psh.

camp tent day/toy day/potluck bbq/4th of july crafts
basically means...the best day ever.
yes yes it was.

got off at 3:30 today.
hung out with kassie till 5:30 afterwards.
like my coworkers much? 

a happy 77th party for grandpa!
salmon, homemade icecream...