one of my favorite things about roadtrips, 
is you can leave basically feeling like strangers with the people you are with
(which was the case here, i didnt even know their last names before jumping in the car with them)
but you come back and you feel practically like family.
(which is sometimes a good thing and sometimes a bad thing)
in this case it was mostly good. 
i think we were gone a total of like 40 hours
and at least 25 of those hours were spent driving.
needless to say, i know these people really well now
and we sure had a blast!

 p.s. Happy Halloween! We watched Elf today on the ride home,
and I kind of forgot it was Halloween today!



oh hey colorado!
  • drove around denver for a while (someday i gotta go back, it was so cool looking)
  •  picture taking
  • getting kicked off the grounds at Mile High Stadium (we just wanted a picture with one of the Broncos!)
  • driving
  • tour of the Air Force Academy
  • seeing sky divers and jets fly off
  • more driving.
oh what a fabulous weekend



NO school. again. :)
and a spontaneous roadtrip to Colorado.



oh today was pretty swell.
it was the halloween celebration at school
so all the kids were decked out in their fun costumes
(and so was i, mind you)
my 3rd graders and i partied all day!
we carved pumpkins, had the donut on a string game, a gooey touch and feel game,
musical chairs, a mummy contest, treats galore, and of course the whole parade around the school.
it was a blast!
but i was definitely drained of all energy when i got home!
so i took an hour long nap,
and then went and volunteered at our stake halloween party for special needs primary and mutual kids.
it was so much fun!
we had all sorts of games and activities set up,
and i think they all had a blast.
i know i did!
what a happy day :)

this is my cooperating teacher and i doing the donut on a string thing.
this kids INSISTED upon it, and im sure it was hilarious to watch!
gotta love the 3rd grade :)



went here tonight for stake temple night.
can i just say perfection?
love love love



1.taught most of 3rd grade today.
2. this was tonight
3. this was released today
4. whipped out my aggie sweats and wore them all night 
5. watched Halloween Town on youtube.
happy gleeday.



tackled my first day in 3rd grade today
and it was good!
i miss my 4th/5th graders like crazy
and was tackled in the hallway a few times
but i think 3rd grade will be a good experience.
plus, i cant believe i only have about 6 weeks left.
sheesh. this is going by fast!

tonight kasidy and i also decided to attempt the whole 'social' thing
and went to fhe.
it was a. BLAST.
we had a minute to win it competition
and kas and i totally dominated.
i was particularly fabulous at face the cookie.
who knew!

then kas and liz (our new roommate) and i went to see life as we know it.
loved it. every minute of it.
and now im off to sleep.
so long monday
helloooooo gleeday!



regional stake conference today
with Pres Uchtdorf presiding.
a gorgeous rainy day
and hanging out with my roommates
watching silly movies and giggling.



slept in.late.
made a poodle skirt.
watched a movie that kym and i particularly love, yet the rest of the world seems to hate
and thoroughly enjoyed myself...even if it makes me bawl like a baby.
fell asleep at 7:30 pm.
but woke up at 8:30 with a sore throat.
echinacea and vitamin me your magic!
then i organized my itunes (i know. im strange)
and then i discovered a hidden treasure of living in the salt lake valley
saturday night showtunes on 106.5
my life is complete!
happy happy.
now off too sleep.



today they gave us the day off.
i got sooooooooo much done today
finally got my computer back.
watched far too many movies
and relaxed relaxed relaxed.
happy friday!
ignore my dead-bug-covered windshield....i just thought this was great!



today was the best and worst day ever.
this class of mine is absolutely adorable
and i do NOT want to leave them.
they dont want me to leave either...
which makes me feel like a million dollars.
i was showered with gifts, cards and chocolates
and even an "eiffel tower" made by one of the quietest kids in the class
who i was never quite sure if he liked me or not.
but so many great things happened today.
like after lunch, i ran to the library to get a book for my lesson
and when i came back the lights were off and all the kids yelled
'suprise!' bout scared the pants off me.
then 3 of the girls decided to give me the silent treatment all morning
and wrote me a note saying, they would talk to me again if i agreed to stay.
it was just a great day, even though i was semi on the verge of tears a few times.
blast. how can i get attached to these kids so fast!
luckily i will be in the same school just down the other hall, and will get to see them lots



leaving this class tomorrow,
which means HOURS of grading papers.
luckily kym i both started the game of watching all the movies we own
in ABC order.
bah haha.
its quite entertaining.
and it is perfect for grading papers.



solo teacher today.
can just say i LOVE teaching
and i absolutely LOVE this class.
and i want to stay in 4th/5th grade forever
and i LOVE having the class to myself?



today sucked.
simple as that.
1. i had to LEAVE home and got back to salt lake
2. it took 5 million years to get home 
(im used to driving 4 hours to logan...this is an extra hour and a half!)
3. i unpack and get out my laptop to begin lesson planning and what?
BLASTED hard drive crashed.
 no computer.
no bueno.
is this really happening i ask?
yes it is.
4. so i crawl into bed angry and then....
i get the most random and hilarious text from kym.
wishing me a happy zac efron birthday.
oh joy.
and yes that is all it took to turn my crap day upside down.
and yes i fell asleep and zac efron was in my dream.
and yes i am 22 years old.
deal with it.
p.s. have i ever mentioned that i have always had a thing for scruff?



i love being home during halloween.
its pretty much as big as christmas for us.
tonight was our annual 'great pumpkin' night.
it would have been complete if ethan was there
but luckily i got to be home for it.
i must say, 
im quite satisfied with my pumpkin this year:
actually i think all of ours were pretty legit.
 ten points if you know what samuels is



morning hike with the fam
costco trip
target trip
watching sleepy hollow and practical magic.
happy halloween!



just being



went to UEA
met up with some of my favoritest ELED girls
got loads of free stuff
got free lunch
talked with the governor
got a picture with him.
THEN got a call from my mom
and an hour later i was on the road
boise bound.
5 and half hours of belting jason and glee at the top of my lungs i was home.
best part? mom didnt tell anyone.
it was a happy surprise.
man. there is nothing like a much needed trip home to put me in good spirits
i chose the best time to drive home.
right at sunset <3



had an awesome day solo teaching!
gave myself a french manicure
my friend emily came up from provo for a sleepover
and we watched one of my favoritest movies.



i love today.
a lot.
today i felt like a real teacher.
i had all the right answers, comebacks, and ideas.
it was soooo great.
AND i get the class to myself for the next week.
its going to be pretty swell.

today was also gleeday.
it was definitely an interesting episode
and i think ryan murphy needs to cut down on the social issues,
but its still glee. and i still loved it!
oh wow. love.

made this art with my kids yesterday.
i heart halloween. 
heres mine. for some reason it wants to upload upside down.
but its me! Miss Ward :)



hum......not the best day to say the least.
but alas, there is joy in everyday. pinky swear.

1. one of my kids is going to disneyland next week and started crying when she realized shes going to miss my last day.
2. there are only 3 days of school this week. then i get a 5 day weekend.
3. jason mraz always knows how to cheer me up.
4. tomorrow is gleeday. (forget about calling it tuesday anymore, i have changed the name)
5. made tortellini and pesto for dinner. and for lunch tomorrow. heaven.
6. stressed. so i cleaned my room. and bathroom. sparkly!
7. wore my cupcake socks
8. had a solid gym work out tonight.
9. listened to 'toxic' and 'billionaire' several times while at the gym
10. tanned.
11. ate a juicy apple before bed.

<3 its amazing really. how a crap day, really isnt that crappy.



(wow. that was fun to type! 10.10.10. tee hee hee)

i LOVE sundays.
on sundays i can do wonderful things.
i can take my sweet time getting ready.
listening to beethoven and bach, with a little josh groban and andrea bocelli mixed in.
i can attend the most fantastic ward. 
love it.
i can be part of relief society lessons here, which are unlike any others.
i can make my self dinner.
with enough left overs to keep me fed this week.
i can relax.
i can sleep.
i can face my fears and make the approach.
i can make it out a live, and have the strange butterfly feeling.
and i can watch this movie.
a def fav.
someday i will see fireworks. and hands that fit.



spent the day paroozing around ogden and layton
(how do you spell that?)
visiting darling little consignment shops
and wishing i had a million dollars.
ate lunch at a yummy pizza place.
relaxed with an episode of glee.
drove to West Valley,
ate dinner at training table
and then...
the moment Kym and I have been waiting for...
for OVER a YEAR.
its seriously one of my ALL TIME favorite shows and soundtracks.
its hilarious. and happy.
and today was FINALLY the day.
its maybe a little strange at the amount of joy these things bring me.
but i was seriously over-joyed.
we are talking about cloud nine kind of joy people.
the 'im so happy i could cry' kind of joy.
and then it ended 2 hours later, 
and really did feel like crying
because i was so sad. 
but i just jumped in my car and blasted the soundtrack
and felt better.
but serious folks.
broadway sure is magical.
i love it sooooo much.
and was so glad i got to spend the weekend with my bestie KYM!
love ya!

p.s. seriously. check out the soundtrack. you will LAUGH and you will CRY. and you WILL go see it. 
p.s.s today is my Karinne's birthday. this is a shoutout for her...even though she is not a blogger and will never see it, its still a shoutout nonetheless. LOVE YOU KREN!


hooray for the weekend!
i love weekends.
and this is indeed the weekend of all weekends.
1. a night in ogden to see this:
i LOVE the Odyssey Dance Companies production of Thriller
and it is pretty much the perfect way to start of the Halloween month.



another dazzling day in 4th/5th grade.
grocery shopping.
staring outside at the most gorgeous storm clouds.
gilmore girls.

it doesnt take much to keep me happy :)



can i just say that i love being a teacher?
its true.
i have been teaching full time all week 
and i love it.
i love it i love it i love it.
these kids are amazing
and im pretty much in love with the 5th grade.

also, i think you may know this, but i love autumn.
and i love rain.
so autumn rain?



merry christmas to me.
happy birthday to me.
ahhhh what a day! happy happy joy joy!

1. slept with my window open last night....bliss
2. i have the best students in the world
3. a package arrived at school:

5. gorgeous rain and a rainbow on my way home from school. a new calling. and phew its not teaching sunday school
7. gleeeee night. it was a different glee. a very serious glee, which as kym pointed out is quite the oxymoron but it was glee nonetheless
8. new jason EP. love love LOVE.
9. currently watching 'You've Got Mail.' missing my mom and adding MUST SEES to my list of places to go when kym and i go to new york. whenever that may be...

happy tuesday folks!



1. today it was indeed autumn. it looked, felt, smelled, sounded and tasted like autumn. yummmm

2. i taught a lesson on explorers today. i opened the lesson with ' who do you think discovered america?'
i got the typical answers like columbus, and the native americans, but my favorite two answers were A. George Washington and B. Nephi. tee hee hee

3. i love that kym and i dont ever go one day without talking to each other. whether it be an hour long conversation in glee quotes, or discussing our 'plans' to move to hawaii and marry surf always makes my day better :)

4. its ten PM and im in bed. goodnight moon.



i really could leave it at that.
conference is just joy all wrapped in one awesome weekend.
i love it.
but today was indeed a wonderful day.
i made grannies chili today as i watched conference.
i mopped the kitchen floor and took a little nap in between sessions
and after session 2 was over
i decided i was going for a drive.
i hit the road, just myself and josh groban
...he is very good company, and especially great to sing duets with...
my dear friend Em told me about a lovely drive she took the other day with a friend.
so i ventured out myself....i got a little confused,
but luckliy being "lost" here is absolutely breathatking
as well as being very easy to get un-lost.
i enjoyed the quiet
and the gorgeous views were absolutely breathtaking!

then i drove downtown 
and visited with my grandparents who were in town for conference.
their hotel is right across the street from temple square.
magical view to say the least.
oh what a day. 
what a lovely day.



i love conference.
i love staying in pjs for the majority of the day.
i love cleaning my room and the bathroom.
i love doing my laundry.
i love MORE conference.
i love crossing things of my bucket list
like hiking Mt. Olympus.
and watching the sunset
i love autumn.
i love meeting new friends
and being completely out of my element
i love grocery shopping
and the thought of making grannies chili tomorrow
i love decorating for halloween.
i love going to sleep.
i love days like today.



todays theme:
why? well let me tell you:
1. its Friday
2. its OCTOBER
3. i could really, truly smell autumn this morning
(it turned all summery again this afternoon, but i smelled autumn at one point)
4. i got free lunch from the PTA
5. drove to one of my favoritest places in the world
my lovely little town of Logan
6. saw one of my BFFs Karinne
7. and witnessed an Aggie victory.
not just ANY Aggie victory, 
but THE Aggie victory.
tonight im sure there are hundreds of little Cougars crying themselves to sleep.
and Aggies will be celebrating until the end of time.
Thats right. 
Utah State-31
BYU- 16.
i love my aggies.
8. getting on facebook and ONLY seeing updates from my lovely fellow Aggies
today was a great day.

and although this is probably a little inappropriate, 
i couldnt help but chuckle. 
follow the prophet!