i really could leave it at that.
conference is just joy all wrapped in one awesome weekend.
i love it.
but today was indeed a wonderful day.
i made grannies chili today as i watched conference.
i mopped the kitchen floor and took a little nap in between sessions
and after session 2 was over
i decided i was going for a drive.
i hit the road, just myself and josh groban
...he is very good company, and especially great to sing duets with...
my dear friend Em told me about a lovely drive she took the other day with a friend.
so i ventured out myself....i got a little confused,
but luckliy being "lost" here is absolutely breathatking
as well as being very easy to get un-lost.
i enjoyed the quiet
and the gorgeous views were absolutely breathtaking!

then i drove downtown 
and visited with my grandparents who were in town for conference.
their hotel is right across the street from temple square.
magical view to say the least.
oh what a day. 
what a lovely day.


kym said...

So pretty. I have been wanting to do that for a while. Just go on a drive all by myself.

emily janette said...

love love love! i can't even get over how pretty it is there.

All About Gretchen! said...

crazzzyy girl. :D i miss you:D