waking up on a sunny sunday morning
blasting saturdays warrior while getting ready
ward conference
linger longer
visiting teaching
awkward home teacher
watching love happens
reading mormon bachelor pad until the wee hours of the morning



an afternoon at the gym with krenny
and jamba juice for dinner
i love that girl
and i love jamba juice



best. friday. ever.
A. Ag in the Classroom seminar....epic
B. Breakfast at Village Inn with my fav level 3 girls
C. taking a nap. (i have had this nap scheduled in my planner for 2 weeks...i was so excited)
D. this FINALLY becoming available on itunes
E. having the GREATEST time catching up with these girls
reminiscing about the good old days,
and talking about life
and anything and everything
seriously so great
oh how i have missed them...



first off i have to mention that this book is one of the most hilarious books ever written.
i have been a huge fan for about 3 years now, ever since my preschoolers made me read it to them almost every single day. but it seriously it is so great. i check it out at the library way too aften... i should just buy it...*hum good idea*.
oh how it makes me laugh.. at work kasidy brought the next to skippyjon jones books
and they had a bonus CD
oh happy day.
seriously, i was crying fro laughter...
people were looking at me
but this woman has talent!
oh boy did this make my day!

also...ordering pizza at work. classic



hehehe i have been smiling thinking about this girl all day

also starting summer trip plans with kym.
this one has been a long time coming
fingers crossed it works out folks
fingers crossed



an answer to prayer...
truly one of life's most joyous gifts
"love and light always conquer over sin and darkness"



i spent an hour or two all by myself at the library
looking at picture books
to base my readers theater on
i laughed when i realized i was surrounded by
5 other kids
and all the adults were no where in site...
all the way on the other end of the library
where the "adult" books are.
i giggled, and continued to read
officer buckle and gloria
im cool like that.



what joy it was to sit at the foot of an apostle
and learn about the life of our dear prophet joseph smith
to honor and remember him in the 67th annual joseph smith fire side
profound words. profound spirit. profound night.
truly a joyful night

"what trials and tribulations are preparing you for the eternities?"



if you recall this post from a few days ago
i ran out of my lovely home-made raspberry jam
it was tragic
but stopping at a gas station/market
on the way back from rexburg
i found homemade "amish" jam
what are the odds.
haha and who buys jam at a gas station?
well i guess i do...
and boy does it make me happy



don't you even worry,
amelia and i made a
'bleedin armadillo grooms cake'
for her sister robins birthday
and made the 2 and a half hour drive to rexburg
to deliver it.
so epic.

if you don't know what i am talking about
see here



peanut butter and jelly
for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
no joke.
i love it!

p.s. mom! i need more raspberry jam!
tell dad to eat the grape jam and send me the raspberry



a pit stop at tummi yummi
to help the endless hours of
writing teacher belief statements
run a little more smoothly

also, writing all my belief statements
makes me just want my own classroom already!
gah! its just so exciting!



nothing stellar happened today
it was just a good day
i got a lot done
i slept in
the sun was shining
that's enough to make me happy



i talked to my sister for a couple hours over text.
it was entertaining.
i miss my family a lot
but love when i get random texts or emails
from them.
if it its from gretchen it always says
"ello my kind sister"
if its from samuel it always says
"hi its samuel what is up"
haha i love how predictable they are!
and i love this picture.
these 2 little kiddos totally understand me
and thats the greatest thing ever...cause im pretty weird :P



kym and i have have a great appreciation for
ridiculous movies.
we love them.
a lot.
so when we saw a $7 movie in the bin at smiths
with Chris Pine's
shimmering blue eyes on the front cover...
we knew it was something we had to watch.
and it was just ridiculous enough that
it was fantastic.
AND it had 3 people from GLEE in it!
Sandy, Principal Figgins, and Emma.
haha we were laughing so hard when they kept popping up on the screen
it was a great



a day of no homework.
a little bit of shopping
and falling for ashton kutcher..
who knew?



2010 winter Olympics have officially begun
soooooo happy.
the opening ceremonies were fantastic.
kym and i were in shock and awe throughout the entire thing.
i love how the Olympics bring the whole world together
and also make you feel so much pride in your country.
love it.



hearing something that i really really needed to hear
and having it come totally unexpectedly.
a little boost
a pick me-up
a whatever you want to call it,
it was much needed
and much appreciated
~oh so happy.~

also i got my desk leg fixed.
its been broken since i moved downstairs
during the 1st week of school...
haha it so nice to have my desk back!



"We should not underestimate or overlook the power of the Lord’s tender mercies. The simpleness, the sweetness, and the constancy of the tender mercies of the Lord will do much to fortify and protect us in the troubled times in which we do now and will yet live. When words cannot provide the solace we need or express the joy we feel, when it is simply futile to attempt to explain that which is unexplainable, when logic and reason cannot yield adequate understanding about the injustices and inequities of life, when mortal experience and evaluation are insufficient to produce a desired outcome, and when it seems that perhaps we are so totally alone, truly we are blessed by the tender mercies of the Lord and made mighty even unto the power of deliverance."

there is so much truth and power in this statement.
those little things throughout the day
that show you there is someone out there that cares for
and loves you for who you are.
it gives me hope and strenth
and the knowledge that i know i can handle whatever is being
placed in front of me.
this is such a happy way to end the day
i definitely approve



i am the proud owner...
(drumroll please)
....of a brand new old computer!
woo hoo!
its grand
the screen stays up by itself
it doesn't take 17.6 hours to open up the internet
and its in swell condition.
its an old model
and it was used,
so its not beautiful,
but it WORKS
and that brings me JOY



i caught a little glimpse at the rest of my life.
i sat in front of the tv cutting out laminated apples and leaves for school
and it occured to me...this is only one of many late nights where i cut out laminated pieces
and color apples
and sing songs about the water cycle
it made me chuckle
and smile.
i sure do love all this teacher stuff.



what an amazing sunday.
that in itself is what makes me truly happy.
hope. love. knowlege. eternal. joy.

also...this was under the lid on my sour cream.
i giggled



the monster concert easily filled me with indescribable amounts of joy.
20 pianos on stage, 50 billion kids.
so adorable.
plus the child in front of us that we played hide and seek with throughout the concert.
what do you expect with 2 eled majors?

also, there was a giant hamburger and ice-cream cone walking around at the bball game tonight.
usu is sooooo cool.

and mardi gras with the girls was sooo fun!
im excited to see the pro pics that we took.
another happy saturday :)



best. dollar. spent. ever.



i always sleep with my window cracked
even when its negative 700 degrees outside.
i just love the fresh air and the sound of the wind and whatnot.
well this morning, for just a split second,
it smelled like spring
(yes, i can smell the seasons.
deal with it.)
it immediately filled me with joy!
just the thought of flowers and green grass
ohhh how lovely...
AND THEN to top it all off,
...i heard a bird chirp.
NO JOKE! an actual, real life bird!
it really was the greatest sound ever!
oh spring! come faster!



to say that i live in the education building would be a major understatement...
i never see anything but this building.
so when i heard about this "little friend" on the Quad,
i was determined to go see it.
luckily my home teacher texted me a picture today during class.
it was VERY hard not to bust up laughing during a lesson on phonics.
oh wait...i did bust up laughing :S
haha sooo great

i loveee USU



tuesdays are long
VERY long
like in the SAME building for 14+ hours
like i havent been outside since it was dark this morning
and now its dark again...
so already tuesdays arent the greatest
SO THEN when i somehow managed to lose the PBJ sandwich i was going to eat for dinner
i knew there werent any hopes of it getting better.
UNTIL my dear kym showed up to my comp lab with dinner!!!
and not just any dinner...
but only MY FAVORITE dinner
and now that i think about it,
the day actually wasnt too shabby



the sun was shining.
the air was clear.
and i got the most adorable email from my little sis
i sure do love my family