a pit stop at tummi yummi
to help the endless hours of
writing teacher belief statements
run a little more smoothly

also, writing all my belief statements
makes me just want my own classroom already!
gah! its just so exciting!


sara michelle said...

a few things:
1. whenever i think of tummi yummi now i will think of cam and his wife ha ha ha.
2. i love that you get so excited about teacher stuff.
3. i agree about wanting a classroom thing.
4. i love you :)

ems said...

you will be such a great teacher. i, too, love your excitement quite a lot. :)

Dana Cheryl said...

I wish that all people could find a career that brings as much enthusiasm & passion into their lives!

Yeah, I'm really hoping I find that for myself.

Whit Sariah said...

You gals are so adorable! thank you! <3 you!