nothing stellar happened today
it was just a good day
i got a lot done
i slept in
the sun was shining
that's enough to make me happy


Dana Cheryl said...

I love how you find the most beautiful photographs and post them for us to enjoy!

They make me happy!

p.s. I just realized that you live in Logan, UT. Are you LDS? Just wondering. I am. I live in Kentucky and there's not a whole lot of us out here. Most of my LDS friends are all online and scattered far and wide.

I think it's funny that almost any time I get bored and decide to find new blogs to read I end up finding LDS folks. I think Heavenly Father has a hand in that. He makes sure that I have a way to be in a LDS community even though it's virtual. lol! He's great like that.

If you're not LDS then sorry if my rambling is silly. Enjoy Utah for me regardless!! :)

Whit Sariah said...

no i totally am LDS! :) thats so exciting! it really is great how that works out. I actually have a cousin going to school in kentucky. have you lived there your whole life? also im glad you enjoy the pictures and my blog :) i try to take as many as i can myself, but the ones i find online are just so much prettier :)

Dana Cheryl said...

Yay!!! I found an online Sister in the Gospel! Heavenly Father is just so, so incredible like that. Wow! He amazes me everyday with His thoughtfulness. I just wanted to see who else in the blogosphere enjoying "playing in the rain" and you were the first on the list. I loved, loved, loved your blog. It's inspired me! Then I noticed where you're from the other day & thought I'd ask... Wow! So cool!!

Where's your cousin?! I'm in the Bowling Green area going to school It's in Western KY. Yeah I've pretty much lived here my whole life. My family moved to Florida when I little for a while. (Dad's job took us there.) Then I actually lived in Utah (in Logan!) for a few months before my mission. I served in the Missouri St. Louis Mission so I lived in both Missouri & Illinois for a short time. It was the most incredible experience! I've been home for a three years but still miss it!! After the mish I went to Cedar City, Utah for a while because I had friends there but I'm back in KY now finishing up school!!!!

I hope with my whole heart that I can find a career that will bring me as much joy as teaching does to you...

I don't think it really matters where to pix come from. You find beautiful ones for us to enjoy and I do love them. (I think it's all about the camera. Those really expensive ones take amazing pictures. I bet you could too!)

Whit Sariah said...

haha hooray! That is really amazing how you happened to fall upon my blog. Playing in the rain is by far on of my favorite things in life. I definitely prefer a rainy day. They bring me great joy. :)
Well to be honest I really don't remember which school my cousin is at. I believe she is in Louisville, but I could be mistaken.
As for me, I'm actually from Boise, ID but am attending school at Utah State in Logan. I do love it here, but am getting eager to be done with school. I student teach in August and then will graduate in December and sub until I find a teaching job (its kinda hard in the middle of the school year) but I really do love teaching. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was 8 years old, so to be making this dream come true is really exciting. I love it!
Your mission expereince so sounds great! Im turning 22 this summer, and a mission has been on the back of my mind, but I haven't made a decision yet. I dont know if I could graduate and then not teach...that would be very hard for me. But we will see what Heavenly Father has in store for me, all I know for now is that I am to to get my teaching degree...the rest is still up in the air :)
Well thank you so much for your kind words. This blog has definitely been a fun project for me so far, and has taught me a lot about happiness and life already. Hopefully some day I will have a shmancy fancy camera to take sweet pictures with, I love taking pictures, but it is FOR SURE all about the camera :) Well I hope you are having a fantastic day! And p.s. I started reading your blog too! <3 it!

Dana Cheryl said...

Heavenly Father is so cool!!

If she's in Louisville (pronounced LOO-UH-VUL)then she's probably at University of Louisville. UofL is the biggest school up there and oddly enough has a HUGE LDS population. :)

I love Idaho! Really. I've only had fun times in Idaho.

Wow! It's so special and unique to find your calling in life so early. Eight!! Your passion and love for teaching will make you beloved by your students. I have several teachers that inspired me. My love for France was inspired by my Fourth Grade teacher.

As far as serving a mission goes... Usually it all comes down to making the decision and then Heavenly Father will confirm it. If you do serve a mission then I promise to write & send super cool sister missionary packages as the Lord uses you to inspire people to follow the Gospel. If not then I'll be right here at your blog being inspired myself!!!!!! It's win/win either way! :)

I'd love a really cool camera too. When the time comes I'm want a great camera instead of an engagement ring. Seriously!

You are SO welcome at my blog. It's really nice of ya to check it out! Please feel free to comment if ever ya feel like it. It's about half & half with LDS peeps (from all over the world) and non-LDS peeps (also from all over). Actually there's one girl in particular who visits that's investigating the Church! yay!!!

Have a beautiful day!!!