#1. i love swim days
#2. i love staff meeting-(tonight was delsa's...that equals extra happiness)
#3-went to old navy and found flip flops for $1.47
#4-mr. incredible ballerina, ballerhino (ha ha inside joke 0.41 sec) man himself (alex) made my jaw actually drop tonight
really? i will be shocked if he doesnt win the whole thing.
 #5-im in bed and its only 10:00.

happy wednesday :)



field trip day! we went and saw 'How to Train Your Dragon'
kind of a silly movie, but hey, i got paid to go see it.

my 'mini me' begged and pleaded for me to make her matching ankle bracelets like mine
so we are all matchy matchy now, and she though it was the coolest thing ever
(shhhh dont tell the others shes my fav)

some random lady in the park brought us a bag of pretzels 
cause she thought the 5 kids we had left at that time might be hungry
ahhhh so funny.

watched GG when i got home

printed off camp pictures for our poster

a killer deal on 2 pairs of pants, and some awesome roxy shoes
gotta love savers :P

saw a wicked cool sunset...but didnt get pictures :(

rented when in rome...hahaha
its such a stupid movie,
but i kind of sort of love it!

now off to sleep!
happy tuesday!



today was blistering hot
so we did everything imaginable to avoid the heat
...which is hard to do when you are stationed in a park for 8+ hours a day...
but we played koob
lots of quiet ball
made friendship bracelets
colored pictures and did crossword puzzles
and made sidewalk chalk art

tomorrow we are going to the moviessssssss
i also watched did you meet the morgan's for the first time
and the only reason i liked it was because everything is funnier in an english accent
so thank you hugh grant for saving that movie,
and also, for this song. which i like. a lot.



lifetime original movies
nap time
pasta salad made by yours truly
life narrated by oprah
toe nail polish



ooooooo today was good:

kassie and i both won tickets to the boise music festival this morning. heck yes backstreet boys!
and if all works out, kym is coming for the adventure!
got some cleaning done. thats always a good thing.
helped make strawberry jam
went out back and saw that my sunflowers finally opened!
costa for lunch
errands with mom and gretch
finally bought 'the bow club' ring as my mom put it :) ....hooray for royal bffs 
and...only one month till my birthday!
la la la life is wonderful.



a very happy day.
i guess it doesn't really explain much,
but just know it was a wonderful day
that i wont ever forget.



this is what we did:
and this:
 i very much approved of today :)

also had the greatest conversation with one of my campers...his name is jonathan, he is 7, but the first day he introduced himself as Johnny that is what we call him :)

me: 'hey johnny appleseed, can i eat lunch with you?'
johnny appleseed: 'ya, ok'
me: 'what did you bring for lunch today'
johnny appleseed: 'a PB&J sandwich'
me: 'oh i bet its apple jam, since you are Johnny Appleseed'
johnny appleseed: 'no, not today'
me: 'oh darn maybe tomorrow'
johnny appleseed: 'ya maybe, but this is really good raspberry jam that my mom made, so i might eat this for a while. i will bring you some if you want cause its good'
me: 'guess what johnny appleseed, you are my new hero. im serious. im even going to tell my family that johnny appleseed is my hero.'
johnny appleseed: 'really? like the me johnny appleseed, or the one that died in the 80s?'
me: 'died in the 80s? ha johnny appleseed didnt die in the 80s'
johnny appleseed: 'oh you are right, it was the hundred and forties'

oh my gosh. i love working with kids. they never cease to crack me up :)



today was a good day.
semi stressful and scary at times (we had a dive and rescue for one of my 6 year olds at the pool today :( eek)
but over all it was a good day:

today was a swim day.
swimming makes me happy :)
and im looking rather lobster-ish and i love it
weird, yes, but i always kind of enjoy getting sunburned
mainly because by the time i wake up it will most likely have already turned into a tan (love my skin)
but also because its almost cliche to that of summertime.
and i love summertime.
ha. i strange.

today was also lovely because my dear sweet bosom friend sara ence got her mission call!
to the one and only calgary, canada.
couldnt be happier for the girl.
she will do great things.
love her :)



bike ride to work with samuel
one of my favorite field trips all summer...the pirate park!
(and it was the perfect weather for this awesome day
even got a stellar sun glasses tan :)...)

came home and saw this:
i sure do love sara....

also, blue toenail polish
and glitter fingernail polish that apparently changes color in the sun!
we shall see!

ahhhhh i love summer!!!



today it FINALLY felt like summer
and its a good thing, cause its wet and wild week!
today we built sand castles
and made purple cow shakes.



jason mraz marathon blasting on the way home
pretending i was awake on the way home :)
and making it home in time to see my pop's for fathers day
and my grandpops



a sleep over at Jen's
breakfast with her adorable family
lunch and shopping with Mom, Dott, and Tess
finding more happy bracelets
and just enjoying a blissful saturday



an absolutely gorgeous day
for an absolutly stunning bride.
my katie leeflang is now mrs. craigo
love love love



a superb day at work
and now off to utah
to celebrate this awesome girl:
plus a sleepover with Gwen
and all sorts of adventures with sara, kym, karinne, jen, katiejane
oh its going to be a swell weekend



watched "night at the museum"
and played the great 2 hour game of dodgeball ever!
sooooo fun!
staff meeting was a blast as usual.
and i was in a freakishly hyper mood all evening
so this brought some most entertaining moments with the siblings...

also, i love that each night,
my igoogle home page allows me to watch the sunrise in paris
oh happy wednesday



oh the boise zooooo
field trip days are always an entertaining adventure.
and the fact that we have giraffes now is enough to make me do the happy dance

a bad leg wouldnt let me fully commit to sprout ball
so instead my pal Kenna and i took sky pics.
seriously my fave
im constantly amazed by clouds and how amazing the sky is.
it brings me infinite joy



hooray for a sunny summer day and an entire 30 kids at camp
hooray for laundry
hooray for my siblings who never cease to entertain me
hooray for itunes
hooray for new tyler ward awesome-ness
hooray for thunderstorms 
and sitting by my window for hours watching the thunder roar and the lightening flicker
hooray for falling asleep to the drizzle of the rain outside...



mmmmm sundays <3
went to chandler's homecoming talk
poor kid was the ONLY speaker, 
and had to speak the day after his sisters wedding
bless his heart. he did great :)

took a glorious afternoon nap.
for 3 hours. haha 

yummy dinner.
yummy dessert.

the tony awards!
text to kym at 8:18 PM 'Hey, are you watching the tonys?'
text received from kym at 8:18 PM 'Are you watching the tonys?"
seriously. we texted each other at the same moment.
that is why we are friends
definite highlight of my day. i laughed so hard

watched toy story 2 before bed. excited for number 3.
i sure hope they didnt ruin it!

now, off to sleep.
hope there are more kids at camp this week!



morning errands.
$2 tank tops + a much needed new skirt ;)
planting marigolds
french pedicure
the mckay and shea wedding
running into LOTS of high school pals
FINALLY seeing my pal chase after almost 3 years
chatting with my fav cousin for who knows how long
watcing the glee finale for the___th time
boy. do i love saturdays



a whopping 5 kids today.
thats the most we have had all week.
5 kids can entertain themselves really well
i dont think i did much today...
plus, we had
gorgeous weather here
it was freezing cold in the pool
but an absolutely beautiful day complete with blue skies and toy story clouds
as well as the 1st free snowcone of the season from snowcone man trevor.
the day ended with an awkward wedding 
yummy dinner
and watching SYTYCD and then Stick It on DVR.



oh what did i do today at work today you ask?
well, it was freezing cold. 
so we whipped out the space heater.
all huddled in the shelter
and watched Cars.
some even fell asleep.
it was awesome.
and i only partially feel guilty about getting paid for it.
then we played baseball.
and then it was time to go home.

i also very much enjoyed this message from a friend:
"I'm going to change my relationship status to widowed.....because I've come to the decision that the guy I'm supposed to marry must have died and that's why he hasn't come along ..."
Never-been-married-widow support group anyone?

tonight i went on an adventure with samuel and mom to bagpipe practice and the Boise Co-Op
oh the things you will find...



summer rain
(i really do love it...although it was suppose to be a swim day...guess you cant have it all eh?)
playing the statue maker game
and mission
and approximately 7 consecutive games of Uno

we went to costa vida for our weekly staff meeting and the power was out!
the employee said..."oh hey! apparently we are going green"

strawberries as big as my head for dessert
a very entertaining conversation with my sister
oh man, she cracks me up

and this song...which im 1000% sure he sang for me...



bowling field trip with all 4 kids
lunch pack by gretch
4 square
beach volleyball
playground tag
more swinging
cute kittens
sidewalk chalk
and glee...

what a day.......



first day of camp!
and despite having only 4 kids show up
(due to meridian school district still being in school)
it was a pretty awesome day.
the weather was nice
the kids were and especially entertaining bunch
and we did some fun stuff!!
like: 2 on 2 bball
played 'guess who' about 50 times
summer bingo
(we used our to make flowers)
and swinging in the park.
heres to an awesome summer!



helping in primary
watched one of my favorite movies with the fam
-music of the heart- makes me cry every time
afternoon nap
yummy dinner
visiting grandma and grandpa
"funner than a barrel of monkeys"
a rainbow filled sunset
packing lunch for camp tomorrow
watchinng frank sinatra and bing crosby youtube videos as i fall asleep
.doesnt get much better than that.



room makeover
new old dresser
...painting it black
...and i may or may not have found eiffel tower knobs to complete :)
yard work
smell of freshly mown grass. (mowed grass?)
backyard bonfire
texts in french from lyman
.happy saturday.



rain rain rain
visiting my beautiful park and setting up for camp on monday
junior counselor interviews 
(totally got to see one of my favorite campers!)
more rain rain rain
whale wars...semi obsessed now? yes.
hastings run
the proposal with mom...and even dad watched haha :)



boss sara driving the 15 passenger van...and we lived
attended the most entertaining CPR and First Aid training ever...who knew it could be such a blast!
getting off work early.
people staring at me as i belted glee songs with the car windows rolled down
mmmm tanning
hair cut on the back porch. just live when i was a kid
a kym text that had me laughing really hard
new lime green sandals
nightly FB chat with gwen-ie
<3 <3 <3



oh the joys of 'training'.
im still trying to figure out what we did today...
im not really quite sure.
but im not complaining.
i will gladly get paid to color and talk about games and craft projects.

summer rain. 
i love that stuff.
i just would prefer it DOESNT come visit the 1st week of camp
...fingers crossed...

coming home and watching glee again
as i colored a 'welcome' banner for a good 3 hours

oh what a lovely wednesday



ahhhh welcome june.

today was back to work! i think its almost ridiculous how much i love my job. and training week is just incredibly comical. oh wow. its going to be a good summer.
pie hole for lunch with the staff and e-fuzz. boy do i love downtown boise
i received another gigantic tub of teacher goodies. picture books and resources galore. and yes i did do the 'happy dance' when i saw a water cycle poster and lots of plastic money....judge me not.
dinner tonight was quite entertaining. its amazing how much you can learn about your siblings at the dinner table. love it!
um its tuesday. and i had an incredibly...giggly...time during this entire number. *swoon*