i have done it! one year. one blog. one million happy things. 
as i look back throughout the year, i am almost overwhelmed at how wonderful it has been. there wasnt a single day in the year twenty ten that i couldn't find joy. each day i was able to see happiness, and realize just how wonderful life is. i had my fair share of crummy days, but i didn't let that stop me from noticing all the happy things in life. i honestly think it has made me a better person, and i know without a doubt that it has been the best year yet. 
finding joy in the journey=best new years resolution ever.
and although i decided not to keep up this blog in the year twenty eleven,
finding joy in each day is something that i will always do.
because whats better than being happy?
it makes life so much easier :)
so here's to a new year!
and 365 days of joy.
happy 2011



new years is such a silly holiday.
but lindsey and i managed to have a grand old time.
we went to the lame old institute dance,
but found it quite enjoyable.
saw lots of pals from high school
and rang in the new year dancing away to "dont stop believin"
it was pretty entertaining.
and i love a good dance party.
happy new year!



anne of green gables marathon
and cafe rio.



and zumba.
what a day!
i got a new eiffel tower wallet, awesome rain boots for 5 bucks, and new coat, and some clothes.
plus, a random zumba class was pretty awesome!



its almost ridiculous how much i love being on vacation
i slept in today
the boys went skiing
so ma and the sister and i watched movies, cleaned, ran a few errands, took a nap
and just relaxed.
thats happy.
also, i went to hastings and bought 6 movies and only spent $12
i love that store.



my family threw me a suprise graduation party!
it was so much fun!
i got to see tons of family
and friends that i havent seen in ages!
it was such a happy day!



went to a friends mission 'home-coming'
took a sunday nap
and read a good book.
i love vacation!