waking up to the smell and sound of rain
staying in my bed for far too long
reading. relaxing.
date with gretchen: 
coming home and giggling at shes the man all by my lonesome



watching harry potter with the twins
afternoon nap
giggling with gretchen
emails from sara
nightly chats with gwen
discovering new songs on my computer
cereal for dinner again



sleeping in
spring cleaning
no bake cookies
the gorgeous sky all day long
plus a fantastic sunset (no pic. dang)
cereal for dinner

my sky looked a lot like this tonight <3



date with mom and samuel
new swimsuit and beach towel

-ready for camp to start-



this song on absolute non-stop repeat
turning on the tv at noon and always finding gilmore girls
pink toe nails
the smell of pine sol
texts from kym
sun. rain. sun. rain...i love bi-polar boise weather
letting gwen talk me into something :)
disney channel original movies...on dvd
royal bff anyone?



totally got paid to dust 
took a nap
subzero with samuel
bagpipes in the foothills
an A on my quiz



if you know me at all, you know i love snowcones.
i mean, i could practically live on them
all day. every day.
so when i woke up this morning 
dieing for a snowcone
i was immediately forced into a state of depression.
because the 'super sno shavers' by my house doesnt open for another week.
it was a tragic thought....but THEN
as my mom and i were driving my sister to her violin lesson
there it was.
a snow shack. not MY snow shack. but an OPEN snow shack none the less.
i hopped out of the car, and with a huge smile on my face orded myself a snow cone for dinner.
now, my awesome flavor-blending-skills may be a little rusty
and this shack didnt have my favorite flavors,
BUT i was indeed satisfied.
cause it was delicious.
and it tasted like summer :)

also, this made me happy
and this...of course
and my next door neighbor (who is a 1st grade teacher retiring next week)
called me up and said she had an entire rubber maid container of teacher stuff for me
oh man. its like christmas!
class room sets of books,
and judy clocks,
teacher manuals.
bahhh sooo many happy things!
and best of all?
she has another box that she will have ready for me at the end of the week.
oh today was a good day.



really weird dreams that you only have when you are sick
disney channel movies
seeing sunshine and happy fluffy clouds out my window, as all my utah friends complain of the snow
more harry potter
finally being able to eat after 20+ hours of choice? waffles.



i told myself when i started this little project of mine that i had to do this 100% of the way
no cutting corners, and no skipping out... even when i have a royally crappy day
well, on  this day, sunday the 23rd i experienced what was pretty close to a royally crappy day.
and the cause you ask? the flu.
but i am here to tell you all that there is happiness in every day.
im serious.
it may take some extra pondering
and a little bit of optimism, 
but its there.
just search real hard.

my happy things:
facebook- ya so what if im semi obsessed. its one of those guilty pleasures that i dont feel so guilty about anymore. i have fully embraced my facebook addiction.
herb tea-yummm
harry potter-just reading HP, i was whisked off to a 'happy place'
saltine crackers-like i said, with a little bit of optimism, ya can find happy things in each day, right?
sleep-ahhh sleep. this needs no explanation



lots of rain.
i love rain. alot.
the smell.
the sound.
ahhhh rain.

we also went to 2 music stores.
thats a dangerous thing in our family...
we purchased some violin stuff for gretch 
as well as music for this
and this

this video made my day.
she is awesome.

oh and did i mention we had lots of delightful rain today?!



spent the afternoon scrapbooking 
and watching my fair lady.

google all pacman-ed out
totally brightened my day :)

found out twin a AND twin b 
both made it into falcon jazz as 8th graders.
i only got to be a part of awesome falcon jazz-ness as a 9th grader
but that was a good 9 years ago...
when show choir was cool
and people appreciated the music department.
...ahhhh those were the good old days
i even have the crappy pics to prove it:

then subway with the parents
which included an awesome paris bag 
that the not-so-happy subway worker
let me have without having to buy a kids meal :)

it was a good day



once again, everything in my life coincides with an episode of gilmore girls.
i really do live in my own little world. 
laugh laugh laugh

took a nap today.
with my window open
and an awesome breeze.

went to work today
and got paid to sit in the grass for 3 hours.

um, pretty sure i have to watch glee again cause this weeks episode
was awesome!

and the season finale of grey's anatomy is tonight.
happy thursday!



going into work and convincing my boss to order pink shirts for the staff at our camp
visiting my park and getting super excited for camp to start
re-entering the world of harry potter
smelling the rain coming
nightly chats with gwen
hearing the rain finally come
music class that is teaching me the notes on the if i didnt learn that when i was 7
oh what a superb wednesday

boy am i ready for awesome days like these...



my lil' sister was awarded a violin scholarship!

also...its do i HAVE to mention glee?
ESPECIALLY this moment 
where i had a very large smile on my face for the entire 3 minutes
....and probably a good 3 hours after now that i think about it.
also this moment that was incredibly moving
...and happy :)
oh its been a good day!



photo editing.
red finger nail polish
compiling my summer reading list
and a summer storm complete with lightening 


happy weekend
and a successful return to b-town
complete with sore throat from belting glee for 5 hours...
when i got home we had a super awesome family BBQ
with my grandparents
my 'adopted' grandparents
2 of my cousins
and my parents and sibs of course.
the best part was that it FELT LIKE SUMMER!
we grilled scrumptious burgers
we ate outside
and there were birds chirping
and a warm breeze.
i really love summer



major down pour in moab last night
which caused us to leave at 10 pm
and arrive in SLC at 3 am
haha awesome.
sleeping in was very nice for my very sore muscles
and on a mattress for that matter...
then we had lots of prepping for katies wedding shower
which in my mind was a complete success!
hooray for marriage :)
and hooray for my dear katie!

sadly i do not have a pic of the ever-so-awesome bridal shower
but this is one of my favorites from one of the many 'katie and whitney adventures'
it was taken last year at La Push Beach.
yes that La Push Beach.
dont judge.



one more thing to check off my bucket list folks!!
 i hiked to delicate arch with some of my favorite people in the world
and what a beautiful thing it was!
soooo happy!

the hiking didnt stop there.
we figured we did somewhere between 8 and 9 miles that day
and it was worth every moment.



one of the best 4 hours drives i have ever been on.
'great' conversation
lots of giggles
stunning scenery
and rockin tunes.
the start to a splendid weekend

 4 hours and only one pee stop later we arrived at this magnificent place.
truly breathtaking in its own unique way.



back in utah (it just occurred to me that i was gone less than a week...) 
with my BFFs
its really going to be a swell weekend!
im posting this pic again just because i like it.
so there ya go...



sometimes when no one else is home... i watch ridiculous disney channel movies.
partly because nothing else is on
but mostly because i think they are hilarious.
today was one of those days.
it was pretty awesome.

also. it was glee day.
that always brings a smile to my face

*heading back to utah tomorrow for
an awesome moab trip and a bridal shower for my katie!
so excited to see my girls!!!!



waking up to rain.
i really love the rain.
there for i was obligated to stay in my bed 
and listen to the rain for quite some time

also watching one of my favorite movies for family night tonight.
that movie can always bring a smile to my face
love it!



being able to spend mother's day with my wonderful mom.
happy mothers day!
i love you!



sleeping in.
being home :)



packing. cleaning. moving.
and leaving behind logan as well as all my dear friends was very hard today
and therefore put me in a bad mood for quite some time.
but driving into the sunset towards home
with 4 hours of glee, jason mraz, and tyler ward blasting through my little blue car
was enough to put a smile on my face.
let summah begin...
*please disregard the smeared bird poop and bug guts on my windshield...
*or embrace the smeared bird poop and bug guts on my windshield and look at it as me giving you "the full experience" of my lovely 4 hours drive :P

either way, just know that the sunset was indeed beautiful

also, check out Kym's funny dream she had.
seriously, fingers crossed that this all works out!!!



done. done and DONE with finals/level 3/the semester/the year!
hallelujah! what a grand feeling!
only one thing to say to that...




today is a happy day.
it is the birthday of my BFF sara michelle ence!
life is better with her around
and i wish her the greatest
and most awesome 21st brithday the world has to offer.

 there were far too many great pictures to chose from,
so you get a whole slew of awesome 'sara + whit' pictures.
as you can see. i heart this girl more than words can describe
and i am soooo excited to celebrate grand 21st-ness with her and the rest of the girls tonight!
combined with dinner eating, super great movie watching, and most definitely some quality bonding/giggling time as we consume cupcakes.
it shall be an awesome wednesday night.



2 classes done
2 more to go.
plus it was fun seeing all my fellow level 3s today
its been too long.
then at work i was actually bored.
BORED! do you have any idea how long its been since i have been BORED!
woah. it was crazy. i downloaded music and blogged. it was great!
then of course, tuesday brings glee and biggest loser
which is always fun.
oh happy day!



i cant even believe how much i got crossed off my to do list today
sheesh. i dont even know how i did it all
but it definitely felt good.
now only 3 days left until im home
and 9 days till moab
soooo exciting!
also, this was quite a happy moment from today
can you tell where its from?
 also, im official facebook friends with tyler ward.



the adventures of last night turned into a sleep over
watching sisterhood of the traveling pants 2
sooooo fun.

then we all went to church together this morning
and had a greattttt testimony meeting!
totally should have transferred into saras ward...
quite the selection there if you know what im saying

then we came back to my place,
made lunch and then watched
nanny mcphee
haha so fun

after that, i got almost half of my packing done
as i watched a few more movies
(can you tell i am LOVING all this free time?)

now i sit on my bed and do nothing!
happy sunday everyone!



happy may day!
this is how i celebrated :)
yay! i heart gwen! i couldnt have survived the semester without her!

2 of my best friends in the whole entire world. happy


guess what ladies? we survived level 3!!!!