if you know me at all, you know i love snowcones.
i mean, i could practically live on them
all day. every day.
so when i woke up this morning 
dieing for a snowcone
i was immediately forced into a state of depression.
because the 'super sno shavers' by my house doesnt open for another week.
it was a tragic thought....but THEN
as my mom and i were driving my sister to her violin lesson
there it was.
a snow shack. not MY snow shack. but an OPEN snow shack none the less.
i hopped out of the car, and with a huge smile on my face orded myself a snow cone for dinner.
now, my awesome flavor-blending-skills may be a little rusty
and this shack didnt have my favorite flavors,
BUT i was indeed satisfied.
cause it was delicious.
and it tasted like summer :)

also, this made me happy
and this...of course
and my next door neighbor (who is a 1st grade teacher retiring next week)
called me up and said she had an entire rubber maid container of teacher stuff for me
oh man. its like christmas!
class room sets of books,
and judy clocks,
teacher manuals.
bahhh sooo many happy things!
and best of all?
she has another box that she will have ready for me at the end of the week.
oh today was a good day.

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Dana Cheryl said...

Yay for snow cones!! Thx for sharing your happy day. It's means so much!