i told myself when i started this little project of mine that i had to do this 100% of the way
no cutting corners, and no skipping out... even when i have a royally crappy day
well, on  this day, sunday the 23rd i experienced what was pretty close to a royally crappy day.
and the cause you ask? the flu.
but i am here to tell you all that there is happiness in every day.
im serious.
it may take some extra pondering
and a little bit of optimism, 
but its there.
just search real hard.

my happy things:
facebook- ya so what if im semi obsessed. its one of those guilty pleasures that i dont feel so guilty about anymore. i have fully embraced my facebook addiction.
herb tea-yummm
harry potter-just reading HP, i was whisked off to a 'happy place'
saltine crackers-like i said, with a little bit of optimism, ya can find happy things in each day, right?
sleep-ahhh sleep. this needs no explanation

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