new years is such a silly holiday.
but lindsey and i managed to have a grand old time.
we went to the lame old institute dance,
but found it quite enjoyable.
saw lots of pals from high school
and rang in the new year dancing away to "dont stop believin"
it was pretty entertaining.
and i love a good dance party.
happy new year!



anne of green gables marathon
and cafe rio.



and zumba.
what a day!
i got a new eiffel tower wallet, awesome rain boots for 5 bucks, and new coat, and some clothes.
plus, a random zumba class was pretty awesome!



its almost ridiculous how much i love being on vacation
i slept in today
the boys went skiing
so ma and the sister and i watched movies, cleaned, ran a few errands, took a nap
and just relaxed.
thats happy.
also, i went to hastings and bought 6 movies and only spent $12
i love that store.



my family threw me a suprise graduation party!
it was so much fun!
i got to see tons of family
and friends that i havent seen in ages!
it was such a happy day!



went to a friends mission 'home-coming'
took a sunday nap
and read a good book.
i love vacation!



whats more happy than that?
today was wonderful!
we opened presents
had orange rolls
and watched christmas movies the whole day.



merry christmas eve!
today was literally SHOP TILL WE DROPPED
for some reason
we saved ALL of our christmas shopping until today
and it was a BLAST
we shopped,
shopped some more
wrapped some more
and cooked a tasty christmas turkey dinner (none of that christmas ham crap)
and then watched a personal christmas favorite of mine.
merry christmas!



i love just being home!
having zero responsibilities.
lots of relaxing
and christmas prepping today!


bronco victory!



totally stayed in my PJs until 4:30 today
awesome? i think yes.
also went to chicken helens b-day party
complete with string quartet
and delicious food.
happy tuesday!



after a delayed flight
and sitting in the middle seat on the plane
i finally made it



made it back from vegas safe and sound
unpacked and repacked to go home tomorrow!
had christmas with the roomies!
and watched the family stone.
gets me everytime.
 i love christmas time 
and i seriously am so excited to go home tomorrow!



went on the dam tour
had a hilarious dam tour guide
and learned a lot about said dam...

seriously cool tour folks.
then we went to dinner
and explored good old vegas
and these two pictures should sum that up for you...

a top the eiffel tower at night.
how cool is that?
i cant even imagine how crazy i would be atop the REAL eiffel tower!
ahhh happy!



best part of the day?
do you really have to ask?
i have wanted to see this show for...who knows how long!
and it was glorious.
it actually kind of made want to cry.
thats how happy i was!
i know, im weird.
but it was awesome!
and i kind of developed a teensy tiny crush on the boy who played raoul
but that probably comes as no shock...



happy birthday to my bff kym!
we had a glorious day road tripping to vegas
dinner at CPK
strolling through stores where they could probably smell our poor-ness
having many 'serendipitous' moments (i will explain on my home blog)
buying new pjs for 8 bucks, since i forgot some...
and falling asleep to ramona and beezus
happy thursday!



had a 3am adventure last night...errr...this morning
and it was a blast!
except im old now, and definitely took some recovering this morning
slept and lounged around in my pjs until well into the afternoon.
but thats ok right?
then i had a happy christmas exchange with 2 of my besties!
we cooked dinner, exchanged presents, and watched glee christmas...i know, awesome right?
it was indeed a swell evening!



happy tuesday!
had an interview that went very well.
finally stopped by 2 little shops by my apartment that i have been dying to step inside.
went to a super fun ward relief society christmas party
scored some bath and body works shower gel in the white elephant exchange
and had a nice and quite tuesday evening.
in spite of the fact that:
theres no new glee till february
(please check in daily to make sure i have not died out of painfully waiting)
ps vegas in TWO DAYS BABY! woot!



its a monday and had no where to go
wow. so i watched this.
went back to my school (they cant get rid of me) for lunch and to see my kiddos
spent hours applying for jobs
found out zac efron is now single (WAHOO!)
took a mini nap
caroling and visiting at the old folks home
lights on temple square
party with the roommates
oh what a day :)



this was a fantastic sunday.
church. home teachers. roommate giggling. dinner at the ward boys house. ward prayer. more roommate fun. hot cocoa. and an audrey hepburn flick.



a lazy saturday is always happy in my book!
caught up on tv shows
did some laundry
made cookies
and had a falala lifetime movie marathon with some friends.



FINSIHED my portfolio and SUBMITTED IT!
now i really can say i am OFFICIALLY DONE!

also, kas and i celebrated by going to see this
a. FREAKING LOVED that movie
b. fell in love with another disney prince...crap
c. favorite line "did i ever tell you i have a thing for brunettes"
d. i love that at the holladay theater you get in for $5 with a student ID
happy friday!



today was the definition of bittersweet.
LAST DAY of student teaching
LAST DAY of college.
it was full of laughs, and definitely some tears.
i have grown to love my 3rd graders, and my cooperating teacher
and the whole school,
and now they make me leave
im done with COLLEGE!
what the heck? how did this happen!
it was definitely a great day to say the least. we did art projects, and the kids all had prizes and cards for me.
some of the girls cried most of the day, which broke my heart, but it was still a happy day.
luckily im going back on monday for lunch,
and then in a few weeks to substitute,
so they couldnt even get rid of me if they wanted to.



1. didnt even have to brush my hair this morning, it curled perfectly in my sleep
2. did LOTS of awesome art projects in 3rd grade today
3. right in the middle of teaching a lesson one girl blurted out "ahhhhhh i MISS YOU ALREADY!" we all kind of stared at was so shocking! haha but boy am i going to miss them as well!
4. one of the kids found out my roommate is also a student teacher, he said: 'oh! so all the student teachers live in the same place together?' haha oh wouldnt that be interesting
5. angie got all emotional today at the thought of me leaving.
6. 2 of my students are in the Hale Center Theater's production of "A Christmas Carol" i got to go tonight, and see them perform, and the whole thing was FANTASTIC! some day i will own season tickets there, because i love EVERYTHING they do.
7. i graduate from college tomorrow
8. this video hurts my head



i LOVE christmas.
and we all know i LOVE glee.
so combine them into one,
and you have me bouncing off the walls with happiness.
hip hip hooray for today :)



got to secret santa shop for a 3 year old girl in our stake.
thats just plain happy!



sleeping in
taking all morning to get ready for church
attending church
awesome awkward moments at church
break the fast mingle
home teacher visit
christmas devotional
finding one tiny ounce of courage
writing my last 'official' lesson plan
4 days.....
4 days.....................



after going to bed at 5am friday night i figured i would sleep the day away
but no i couldnt sleep past 9:30...weird
so i watched breakfast at tiffanys,
deep cleaned my room and bathroom
did laundry
did some more of my portfolio
watched the bsu vs usu football game
made cookies
went to our ward christmas part where we raised over $3,000 for charity
and went to a movie with some girls from our ward.
i love saturdays!



i really really like fridays.
especially the friday that is today...
because its my last friday in college.
for serious.
what a happy thought eh?
also, my pal emily drove up from provo, 
we stopped for some cafe rio
and now here we sit working on our portfolios
laughing, and cursing this blasted thing together.



3rd grade always brings a smile to my face.
sometimes it gives me a headache too, but there is always something entertaining from each day

rented and watched eat, pray, love
and surprisingly really really enjoyed it.
i wanna jet off to italy, india and indonesia now.
no biggie

also, finally took time to paint my nails.
its been on my to do list for 3 weeks




got a letter from one of my girls today that said "Dear Best Teacher in the world, will you please move my by Emily? I promise we won't talk"
man does she know how to suck up or what?! LOVE IT!

i absolutely LOVE getting the weekly missionary emails from sister ence, and sister pincock. 
its seriously the biggest boost of joy and happiness.

had the last of my thanksgiving leftover for dinner tonight....delicious!

FINALLY decorated for Christmas.i had all my random decoration, plus my 2 roommates' decorations, so it kind of looks like christmas exploded in our apartment! i love it!

its december of 2010. i graduate from college in december of 2010. heck, i graduate in like a WEEK!

coldplay came out with a new christmas song today.



got everything checked off to be a legit substitute teacher.
one of my 3rd graders wrote the cutest thing about mrs. drope and i (i will have to take a picture)
went to my last student teacher seminar and learned all about teacher interviews (very informative)
glee night.
finally unpacked and cleaned my room
got a surprise missionary letter from SISTA sara michelle ence. (man i miss that girl)
finished a bunch of lesson plans.
watched ramona and beezus.
curled up in blanket, hoping for another great dream tonight :)
happy tuesday

oh, please enjoy this awesome video we watched at orientation.
i laughed so hard.
some people just dont know how to stop and think for 2 seconds.



today was much better than yesterday to say the least.
my 3rd graders are still adorable.
they were super chatty
but entertaining.
then the roommates and i cooked a scrumptious dinner
and had a gilmore viewing party 
as i procrastinated more homework.

two weeks....
two weeks...

also, the snow is absolutely gorgeous when you are NOT driving in it.



i'm alive.



i cant even believe how fast this week has gone.
its already saturday and i am so not ready to leave tomorrow.
today we decorate some more,
and i made gretchen help me grade the millions of papers that i had to grade
and then i watched one classic christmas movie,
definitely made me happy.



today is my favorite day of the whole entire year.
no kidding.
the day after thanksgiving, every year
is our family day.
we sleep in
and then dad and i put the christmas lights on the house.
dont know why its always my dad and i
but i love it. 
he gets kind of scroogy,
but it semi-entertaining 
and its tradition for every year.
then we decorate inside for christmas
listen to christmas music all day
and then...
we have our annual family schmorgasborg
(or however you spell it)
we get all sorts of junk food and we watch christmas movies
into the wee small hours of the morning.
we usually get through 5 or 6 movies
and its so glorious!
i love the anticipation of christmas, which i think is why i love this day so much.
plus its my whole family, all 6 of us
which always makes me happy.

boo. i cant rotate this picture. sad.



happy turkey day.
i love turkey and i love turkey day.
we had thanksgiving at grandmas and grandpas this year
with just us and aunt ree.
it was a blast.
it was great to just visit and laugh with the family.
then joseph, diane and 'big ben' flew in from new york
and we caught up with them and had a blast.
i love family
and i love the holidays.
 p.s. listen to this song.
it sums up everything i love about thanksgiving



slept in.
cleaned house.
watched christmas movies.
i love being home. 
especially this time of year.



home with the family.
slept in.
didnt do any homework.
watched christmas movies.
went to target.



i heart home.
home is good. 



.woke up to a gorgeous snowfall.
.have i ever mentioned that i love my ward.
.taught relief society.
.helped with the mingle after church.
.had a glorious sunday afternoon with my roomies.
crappy pic. but you get the idea



bourne movie marathon and cafe rio with kym
roommate grocery stalking shopping and pizza making
i heart saturdays. 



1. its friday
2. i get the ENTIRE week off next week
3. watched last weeks office episode-Glee Viewing. i about died of laughter
4. took a long nap and had really weird glee dreams
5. FINALLY saw HP7! it had been in theaters an entire 21 hours and i still hadn't seen it. needless to say it was AWESOME and i must go see it again ASAP.
6. happy weekend folks!



sometimes i think to myself
"being a teacher is hard, why do i want to do this?"
and then a 3rd grader gets out of his seat, 
walks over and gives me a giant hug for no apparent reason
(other than to avoid doing task time work)
but still.
i love what i do.
a lot.
and i love GG marathons,
and being productive 
(working on my portfolio)
and re-doing my blog
happy thursday!



3rd grade field trip to see 42nd Street.
love this show!
and Alta High was fabulous!
it was absolutely darling :)
this 3rd grade field trip also brought about many hilarious 3rd grade funnies,
which i won't share here,
just trust me when i say it was definitely an entertaining day!



its almost pathetic how much this show makes me happy.
i said almost
okay maybe a super pathetic.

also, matt was scruffy for the majority of this episode which is
1000% okay by me.
(yes we are on a first name basis)

i also cheated tonight and didnt watch a 'B' movie.
i watched singing in the rain.
because its my #2 favorite movie on the planet.
which is probably why tonights episode was so happy.

oh happy gleeday!

Kurt: You smell homeless Brett
Rachel: At least I didn´t fall an break my talent
Finn: It´s really hard not to like this substitute teacher
Kurt: Love is just around the corner
Blaine: I do like football too Kurt: Way to break a stereotype
Sue: I suggest sawing yourself to Craiglist as men seeking men with buttcheeks



third grade cracks. me. up.
i love that i convinced lindsey to join my ward.
fhe was pretty great tonight.
chats with lindsey. great chats in fact.
roommate fun at fresh market
and then we topped the evening off watching this gem.
happy monday.



sundays are great days.
sleeping in.
visiting with friends.
ward prayer.
rainy day.
gilmore girls.



can i just say that i love spontaneous road trips?
especially spontaneous road trips for aggie basketball!
this was a grand night indeed.



friday is a good day indeed.
school was great.
played car lot with the 3rd grade for 'fun friday'
made me miss summer camp.
came home, 
and my new bedding has arrived!
cleaned my room.
lesson planned for next week.
went to dinner and grocery shopping with kasidy.
watched some gilmore girls.
ahhhh friday.
i like fridays. 



today I am grateful for slippers, 

cough drops, 

really strange 3rd graders, 

and veterans who have served our country. 




felt like death this morning, so had to call in sick.
it sucks being sick,
but i can tell you now that i feel more rested than i have in a long time.
probably cause thats all i did
i slept, watched a movie, slept, watched last nights glee again, slept, and slept some more.
it was lovely.
and i feel much better.
hopefully i can withstand the 3rd grade germs tomorrow, and continue feeling better.
we shall see.
also, this post made my day. 
seriously, i feel like this girl is me, just much more clever and witty.



today i'm grateful for:
covered parking
curious george fruit snacks
silly 8 year olds
vicks tissues
new glee episodes
and toy story 3...again.

happy glee day!
haha. this picture just killed me. that fact that someone would take the time for this is creepy,
and kind of awesome....
"Show him who's the boss ... oh man, now I'm picturing the two of them making out during an episode of Who's the Boss."
"You crap on my leg, I'll cut it off."  
"I believe I just said that, Annie Sullivan, you want me to sign it into your palm?" (Runner-up: "With that level of creativity, you could easily become assistant manager at a rendering plant.")  



rainy day.
usu sweats.
grilled cheese for dinner.
hot cocoa with peppermint icecream
(i love my cocomotion)
toy story 3.
and in bed at 10pm.

happy monday



i really really like sundays.
and this one was pretty exceptional.
the only bad thing about sundays is when they are over
and then monday comes.
thats just plain rude.
but luckily the sunday that was today was great
and will get me through the week.
this was the best part
and then certain ward prayer moments were pretty awesome.
and humiliating.
and great.
interesting how that works.
happy sunday!



an afternoon with kym and karinne in logan
costa vida for lunch
a teensy tiny bit of shopping
lots of glee jamming in the car
deep cleaning my kitchen
finally getting to season 5 of GG
a pretty spectacular saturday



slept in.
got all caught up on grey's and private practice and PLL (dont judge)
went to target.
ordered new bedding online.
partook of more online tv catching up (i wish i had dvr....hum, i wish i had cable for that matter)
cleaned my room
and bathroom.
chatted with kasidy.
realized i graduate in roughly 5 weeks.
met up with my katie leefer craigo.
ate dinner at our favoritest girly resturant.
went on a redbox/slurpee run.
did some movie watching
and then topped the evening off with hours of giggling and talking about any and everything.
i love that girl.
ahhhh what a happy night this was.