got a letter from one of my girls today that said "Dear Best Teacher in the world, will you please move my by Emily? I promise we won't talk"
man does she know how to suck up or what?! LOVE IT!

i absolutely LOVE getting the weekly missionary emails from sister ence, and sister pincock. 
its seriously the biggest boost of joy and happiness.

had the last of my thanksgiving leftover for dinner tonight....delicious!

FINALLY decorated for Christmas.i had all my random decoration, plus my 2 roommates' decorations, so it kind of looks like christmas exploded in our apartment! i love it!

its december of 2010. i graduate from college in december of 2010. heck, i graduate in like a WEEK!

coldplay came out with a new christmas song today.

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kym said...

I love that christmas exploded in your apartment. thats always happy