1. didnt even have to brush my hair this morning, it curled perfectly in my sleep
2. did LOTS of awesome art projects in 3rd grade today
3. right in the middle of teaching a lesson one girl blurted out "ahhhhhh i MISS YOU ALREADY!" we all kind of stared at was so shocking! haha but boy am i going to miss them as well!
4. one of the kids found out my roommate is also a student teacher, he said: 'oh! so all the student teachers live in the same place together?' haha oh wouldnt that be interesting
5. angie got all emotional today at the thought of me leaving.
6. 2 of my students are in the Hale Center Theater's production of "A Christmas Carol" i got to go tonight, and see them perform, and the whole thing was FANTASTIC! some day i will own season tickets there, because i love EVERYTHING they do.
7. i graduate from college tomorrow
8. this video hurts my head

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All About Gretchen! said...

it hurts mine too. :( perfectly curled eh? haha -grethen

"so what your saying is size really does matter?" mom