today in 1st grade the teacher let my first name slip.
the children freaked out.
they were like "no! you are wrong! thats miss ward!"
then one boy raised his hand and says
"wait, was that her name when she was younger?"
bah ha ha. love it

also, my 'date' with kym was a SUCCESS
soooo fun :)
i love that we can partake of guilty pleasures together
and not have to worry about looking silly
(guilty pleasures as in...miley cyrus movies :P haha dont judge)
but it was definitely a fun fun night!

and when i came home...i played this
dont ask me why, i just did.
and dont worry i already laughed at myself enough.

today was good. :)

and i like this picture.
i feel like frolicking through this grove of trees singing jason mraz songs
preferably with jason mraz at my side. hum...



my 1st graders performed their music program for the school day
it was happy.

then this brought a smile to my face :

i love when cool people do cool things like that.

oh, then finding this mr. lovely as mentioned on my other blog

then, starting this comment thread:

and then having dear friends like emily m.
lend a helping hand.
(im an idiot and didnt bring dinner to work...she is a such a gem)
love her :)
PLUS only 1 more hour of work and then i can got to BED! woo hoo!



today turned out to be pretty stellar.
1st grade didnt kill me, so thats a bonus.
and i actually had a way fun time teach my language arts lesson.
then this evening i participated in a ward musical easter/missionary fireside.
singing with no voice isnt exactly ideal,
but i pulled it off, and i think it went ok.
i even got a "yo dawg, that was awesome" from andy
and "you are a ripened banana" from gwen
but some of the other musical numbers were fantastic.
my 3 favorites were "I Come to Him"
(to gwen: all i have to say is 'oh crap')
"Abide With Me"
(to gwen: another oh crap)
and then the choir singing "I Believe in Christ"
it was an honor to be a part of the choir,
so hopefully its not stuck up to say that from where i was standing with the choir
it sounded pretty awesome.
what a powerful message that song has.
and what a powerful spirit it brought to the room.
then gwen and i had an eventful time walking home
(haha flower undies and 'potty dances')
and stalking hotties in smiths.
oh how i love that girl



happy day.
this is why:
1. sleeping in.
2. having a cold so i went back to sleep 
(the having a cold part isnt necessarily happy, but you get the idea)
3. munching on this little treat Amelia brought me back from Seattle
(she forgot to bring it back over Christmas Break lol)
4. a relaxing afternoon of re-"decorating" my other blog
and watching Phantom of the Opera in the process.
5. preparing for my language arts lesson tomorrow...
and reading this book over and over again.
6. now im off to a blissful night of sweet dreams
and hopefully bidding thie lame cold adieu.



today was WONDERFUL!
i woke up to gorgeous weather and rode down to ogden with kym and karinne.
we 1st went to cutsie cakes
then went to a baby shower for our friend whitney goulding bunn.
it was so fun to catch up and hang out with the girls!
then kym, karinne and i went shopping!
we went to the salt city candle store and bought yummy smells for our scentys!
then we went and walked along historic 25th street
and looked in all the great little shops.
the best one was definitely this little shop called making scents
where you get to personally chose your fragrance combination
and make what ever soap/lotion/scrub you want!
it was so great!
we then ate at the union grill which was delicious!
and topped the day off with a movie and then an episode of glee
it was seriously the best of days
and i am so lucky to have such wonderful friends!
i love them!



its friday!
it was pajama day at school!
i went baby shower shopping with kym!
(how weird is that? buying baby clothes for friends? eek im getting old!)
i get to hang out with kym and karinne ALL day tomorrow!
i went to spoon me with my girls!
and am currently watching p.s. i love you with those same girls.
life is good...



the fact that i just found this...
im laughing so hard im crying.
i love it.
in a "he completes me" kind of way.

AND the fact that tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!



today gwen and i were on one.
we were so hyper once we got home from practicum
and it just brought a smile to my face.
we watched biggest loser from last night
and american idol.
and were probably a little too involved with these silly...but addicting shows.
we were yelling at the TV and laughing probably way too loud.
but i loved it.
and i love my gwenie.
it was a good day.

also i saw this photo in an email somewhere.
i love jumping pictures, and this one is just great.
its really stupid, but its great.



(this has nothing to with anything, but i mentioned yesterday that i knew the rain would turn into snow, and i was right. there was a good inch on my car when i left for school this morning. boo.)

as for HAPPY moments...
1st grade was SOOOO much better today.
the kids were well behaved
and i wasn't so shocked with way "things were handled".
BUT the best part was when i walked into the classroom
one of the little boys ran up to me and said
"yes! *insert fist pump here* you came back today!"
i smiled and said "of course! i will be here everyday!"
he smiled real big and skipped back to his seat.
THEN we found out that the one little hellian in the class is moving on friday.
i shouldnt be happy,
but i am...
because when you have to send a 1st grader to the re-focus room
(behavior center for when a student is out of control, and can't be managed in the classroom)
3 times in one have a problem.
i'm just glad today was better than yesterday!

"its a new dawn, its a new day..."



1st grade...
lets just say the first day was...interesting
and it DEFINITELY has potential to get better,
but i can say the overall experience of today made me laugh a lot
and i had some good stories to share. rained today.
if you know me,
you know i love rain.
a lot.
granted, we are in logan...
so if it keeps up it will be snow by morning,
but i do love a good walk home in the rain.
it always brings a smile to my face.



as much as i HATED leaving home and spring break amazing-ness
sometimes having a 4 hour drive to myself is nice.
i loved jamming to jason mraz for 3 hours straight
then finishing it off to michael buble for an hour
i loved the fact that it was still light outside at 8 pm
and i could watch the sun set behind the mountains...
and then getting back to my apartment and unpacking while i watched
singing in the rain and chatted with melissa and mckenna.
PLUS im off to 1st grade in the morning!
and there are only 6 weeks left in the semester.
happy :)

this is a really crappy picture i tried to take while i was driving (shhh dont tell)

so here is a pretty picture i took last year...



first day of spring.
nothing could beat that today
soooo happy

...these were the ducks that greeted me on my way out of the mall.
it made me happy.



another afternoon with mom and dott.
antique stores.
and a nap at 7 pm.
spring break should never end.
its just too happy!

this pic has nothing to do with this post except for the fact that i like it
and the fact that we have had such great weather here in boise
i never want to go back to logan!



best part of the day was walking around Lowe's with mom
smelling all the flowers.
i love how much my mom loves her garden
and her fancy new greenhouse.



hoppin all over town today with my little piper of a bro
he sure does put a smile on my face
and im pretty sure i should have taken up the bagpipes
or highland dancing
cause i could have made $200 plus in tips last night
but the whole day was a blast.
i have to say i think the best part of the day was touring our old ELEM school
with samuel playing the pipes.
oh my lanta...they LOVED it
and it made me really excited to someday have him come into my classroom
and play for this kids :)
it was so great when we were leaving
and some of the kids were out at recess
and they all started cheering and running towards him
as he got into the car one little girl said:
"good bye little leprechaun"
it was priceless.
(i dont have my cord to upload pictures, but here is a pic from last year)

oh and dott is here.



had lunch with the recently returned ryan wight today
so fun!
later in the afternoon,
i curled up and read a good book for several hours
it was blissful

i heart spring break



mom and i did yard work today
and went to THE DUMP
usually thats the boys job,
but we took it upon ourselves this time.
the dump smelled like poo,
and there were birds everywhere
but i couldn't help but think of someday
when we invent something like this:

that will help to eliminate the amount of crap in our landfills
it made me happy imagining wall-e and his buddies
out there scooping up all our trash :)
happiness is my crazy imagination



i heart spring sunday's
today was good



reasons why i love coming home:

1. family of course

2. there are always awesome presents waiting for me that my mom finds randomly

3. sleeping in a bed that isn't a rock...
(doesnt get much better than that)

4. there are always fresh flowers

5. target is only 4 minutes away
(yay new clothes!)

6. being here for all the great things samuel says

7. savers is so much better than DI

8. no homework. no school. no work

9. boise is just cooler than utah
enough said.




practicum orientation.
watching the proposal with gwen
lunch with kym
driving home with a stranger
and finally,
back in the 208
oh how i missed it here.
i'm halfway pathetic too,
i brought a whole car-load of stuff home
that im not going to use the rest of the semester...
i think im a little eager for summer vaca.
but its great to be home.
just us girls tonight...the boys are camping,
so we watched dreamgirls
and went to barnes and noble.
i purchased this because i have given up on reading grown up books
for the sole reason that
childrens books are far more interesting.
and this because these books bring the biggest smile to my face.
so now im off to watch glee with my mom and sister



for the 1st time in 9 weeks...
i was bored today.
seriously. i had nothing to do!
its was the last day of classes (yippee)
and i have had nothing to do at work!
so i learned how to make this:

also, kasidy ordered pizza,
i talked on the phone to my mom
and my little brother
and my little sister
and my mom again
i am currently watching parenthood
and going through all of the pictures on parisdailyphoto
and saving the awesome eiffel tower ones.
in an hour im off and hitting the gym with my BFF Kren
what a great day! is an exceptionally lovely photo (or 2) i found



its been a happy day!
only one more day of classes
then one orientation
ohhh happiness
also we watched this tonight
and then, my 'friend' andrew garcia
performed "genie in a bottle"
i approved :)



i had to go observe a 1st grade science glass today...that in itself is happy
but at one point the students had to get in pairs and link arms as they waited for the next directions
i randomly looked over to this little girl and boy and hear her say
'we could just hold hands if you want'
the boy says
'but we are supposed to link arms'
the girls says
'i dont think they would care'
boy shrugs his shoulder and grabs her hand and they walk over to the teacher
oh how i love kids!
this made me smile for the longest time
i soooo excited to get back into the classroom after spring break!



last night was epic. these things go on the list of happy things for today simply because it continued until about 3 it counts
was watching the CES fireside last night on the BYU channel so we could stay in pj's haha
my favorite was when gwen said "would it be sacreligious if i popped some popcorn during the fireside?"
oh how i love that girl.
after ward prayer, we watched Saturday's Warrior
AND sang along
i was soooo happy, that these girls could love something as much as i do
the best part was that there were bloopers and karaoke sing-alongs on the special features.
we had wayyyyy too much fun with that.
hence the 'continued till 3 am'
gwen is officially hooked on glee.
she can't stop watching it, and i definitely approve of that.
its been so fun to watch them with her, and to see her 1st time reactions.
call me a nerd, but i just love glee so much
36 days till new episodes!
woot woot!
this is the LAST WEEK of classes!
spring break is just around the river bend
and i will be home!
plus i just get to hang out with 1st graders all day long after spring break
no real school! woo hoo!
life is good



i heart sundays!
relief society
temple prep
ces fireside starts in an hour
and saturday's warrior to follow



sleep over and glee marathon with sara last night was SO fun!
(minus my car being booted, and then getting pulled over 2 minutes later)
then a pancake breakfast this morning to benefit haiti!
sooo yummy :)
a saturday afternoon nap
hitting the gym and going tanning with amelia,
seeing lindsey oakes and partaking of some tasty firehouse pizza,
then MORE glee and giggling with gwen!
hooray for saturdays!



i shouted 'hip-hip-hooray' for the following today:

sleeping in
spending my afternoon making paper airplanes
getting FREE LUNCH
when i recieved the BEST news in the world
the fact that sara is coming over tonight!
and that i will be HOME in a week from now



good day.
made a big decision and its a HUGE stress relief
i feel like i can accomplish life now... haha
also, i took a nap.
it was a glorious nap.
and the sun was shining and my window was open.
i approved.
also my mom told me she bought me cute new shoes today
the way she did it was funny...but i won't explain that.
im excited :)
i like today
i also like here is a ladybug to enjoy

happy shoes!
p.s. sara sent this to me last night and im pretty sure it made MY WHOLE LIFE COMPLETE!
check it out :P



a. i have been dubbed the new class clown...don't know how this happened
b. science review was ridiculously easy... thank heavens
c. dinner with gwen!
d. going to the gym and watching idol
e. chatting with my mom for a good hour or so
d. getting on facebook and seeing a 'hey phelps!' chat pop up from
mr. ryan aka 'lyman' wight himself!
sooooo stoked! my 'husband' has returned! so excited to see him over spring break!
its definitely been a super day :)



today i think everyone in level 3 reached 'that point'.
for those of you who dont know what level 3 is...
it means being in the last semester of classes as an eled major
with the SAME 26 people for 8 hours a day in class.
but today i just dont think anyone cared anymore
we didnt listen to anything
we didnt do anything in class
and we definitely didnt take anything seriously
we just have lost all motivation.
its entertaining really
and it actually made me laugh a lot
and the greatest part of it all is...
there is only 1 WEEK LEFT of classes after this week
im soooo okay with that
and soooo okay with moving on to practicum
(p.s. i have to explain this in science we had to dissect a flower and look at the parts under the microscope, at one point this girl yelled out 'i feel like im looking at something i shouldnt be looking at!' we all busted up laughing. call us immature if you want...but i found this pretty hilarious.)

also today in our 'trade fair' (which is basically a white elephant exchange but with a POINT) i scored a CLASSROOM SET of personal whiteboards. sa-weet!



the fact that its march has had me smiling all day
i like march.
a lot.
march means spring.
spring break.
my brother ethan's birthday
my other brother samuel's st. pattys bagpiping adventures
sunshine and flowers (hopefully)
and being that much closer to the end of the semester :)
this makes me tres tres happy