(this has nothing to with anything, but i mentioned yesterday that i knew the rain would turn into snow, and i was right. there was a good inch on my car when i left for school this morning. boo.)

as for HAPPY moments...
1st grade was SOOOO much better today.
the kids were well behaved
and i wasn't so shocked with way "things were handled".
BUT the best part was when i walked into the classroom
one of the little boys ran up to me and said
"yes! *insert fist pump here* you came back today!"
i smiled and said "of course! i will be here everyday!"
he smiled real big and skipped back to his seat.
THEN we found out that the one little hellian in the class is moving on friday.
i shouldnt be happy,
but i am...
because when you have to send a 1st grader to the re-focus room
(behavior center for when a student is out of control, and can't be managed in the classroom)
3 times in one day...you have a problem.
i'm just glad today was better than yesterday!

"its a new dawn, its a new day..."


emily janette said...

and i'm feelin' good. michael bublé..<3

first grade sounds like quite the adventure!

Kylie said...

Fist pump from a first grader! Woohoo!!

Lindsay said...

i wish i could get a fist pump. i guess i'll just have to be content with hugs for now :)

Whit Sariah said...

first grade...it really is interesting...in every sense. haha and the fist pump was most definitely the greatest thing ever. haha