as much as i HATED leaving home and spring break amazing-ness
sometimes having a 4 hour drive to myself is nice.
i loved jamming to jason mraz for 3 hours straight
then finishing it off to michael buble for an hour
i loved the fact that it was still light outside at 8 pm
and i could watch the sun set behind the mountains...
and then getting back to my apartment and unpacking while i watched
singing in the rain and chatted with melissa and mckenna.
PLUS im off to 1st grade in the morning!
and there are only 6 weeks left in the semester.
happy :)

this is a really crappy picture i tried to take while i was driving (shhh dont tell)

so here is a pretty picture i took last year...

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Dana Cheryl said...

Oh how I miss Logan!! And Aggie Icecream of course...

Happy first day of school!!!