today turned out to be pretty stellar.
1st grade didnt kill me, so thats a bonus.
and i actually had a way fun time teach my language arts lesson.
then this evening i participated in a ward musical easter/missionary fireside.
singing with no voice isnt exactly ideal,
but i pulled it off, and i think it went ok.
i even got a "yo dawg, that was awesome" from andy
and "you are a ripened banana" from gwen
but some of the other musical numbers were fantastic.
my 3 favorites were "I Come to Him"
(to gwen: all i have to say is 'oh crap')
"Abide With Me"
(to gwen: another oh crap)
and then the choir singing "I Believe in Christ"
it was an honor to be a part of the choir,
so hopefully its not stuck up to say that from where i was standing with the choir
it sounded pretty awesome.
what a powerful message that song has.
and what a powerful spirit it brought to the room.
then gwen and i had an eventful time walking home
(haha flower undies and 'potty dances')
and stalking hotties in smiths.
oh how i love that girl

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