last night was epic. these things go on the list of happy things for today simply because it continued until about 3 it counts
was watching the CES fireside last night on the BYU channel so we could stay in pj's haha
my favorite was when gwen said "would it be sacreligious if i popped some popcorn during the fireside?"
oh how i love that girl.
after ward prayer, we watched Saturday's Warrior
AND sang along
i was soooo happy, that these girls could love something as much as i do
the best part was that there were bloopers and karaoke sing-alongs on the special features.
we had wayyyyy too much fun with that.
hence the 'continued till 3 am'
gwen is officially hooked on glee.
she can't stop watching it, and i definitely approve of that.
its been so fun to watch them with her, and to see her 1st time reactions.
call me a nerd, but i just love glee so much
36 days till new episodes!
woot woot!
this is the LAST WEEK of classes!
spring break is just around the river bend
and i will be home!
plus i just get to hang out with 1st graders all day long after spring break
no real school! woo hoo!
life is good

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