practicum orientation.
watching the proposal with gwen
lunch with kym
driving home with a stranger
and finally,
back in the 208
oh how i missed it here.
i'm halfway pathetic too,
i brought a whole car-load of stuff home
that im not going to use the rest of the semester...
i think im a little eager for summer vaca.
but its great to be home.
just us girls tonight...the boys are camping,
so we watched dreamgirls
and went to barnes and noble.
i purchased this because i have given up on reading grown up books
for the sole reason that
childrens books are far more interesting.
and this because these books bring the biggest smile to my face.
so now im off to watch glee with my mom and sister

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Veronica Marie Lewis said...

OMG!!! What an AMAZING picture! Imagining myself walking out in those golden hills, I can almost feel the sun's warmth on my face. I miss the sun. We had sun today for almost five whole minutes. It was wonderful!! ;=)