today was WONDERFUL!
i woke up to gorgeous weather and rode down to ogden with kym and karinne.
we 1st went to cutsie cakes
then went to a baby shower for our friend whitney goulding bunn.
it was so fun to catch up and hang out with the girls!
then kym, karinne and i went shopping!
we went to the salt city candle store and bought yummy smells for our scentys!
then we went and walked along historic 25th street
and looked in all the great little shops.
the best one was definitely this little shop called making scents
where you get to personally chose your fragrance combination
and make what ever soap/lotion/scrub you want!
it was so great!
we then ate at the union grill which was delicious!
and topped the day off with a movie and then an episode of glee
it was seriously the best of days
and i am so lucky to have such wonderful friends!
i love them!


The Laloli's said...

Hey whit this blog is a great idea!! I'm lovin it!
Whit is having a baby?? How exciting!! When is she due?
You girls are so much fun! I miss ya~

Whit Sariah said...

Hey Beth! thanks for 'stoppin' this blog is kind of silly, but its fun :)
haha yes whit is having a baby! she is due this month actually! haha and is having a boy :) im super excited for her! and cant wait to meet the little guy! I do however think its ridiculous that havent met little Embree yet! goodness! i better get on that! anywho, how is life for you and your cute little family?!