today i think everyone in level 3 reached 'that point'.
for those of you who dont know what level 3 is...
it means being in the last semester of classes as an eled major
with the SAME 26 people for 8 hours a day in class.
but today i just dont think anyone cared anymore
we didnt listen to anything
we didnt do anything in class
and we definitely didnt take anything seriously
we just have lost all motivation.
its entertaining really
and it actually made me laugh a lot
and the greatest part of it all is...
there is only 1 WEEK LEFT of classes after this week
im soooo okay with that
and soooo okay with moving on to practicum
(p.s. i have to explain this picture...today in science we had to dissect a flower and look at the parts under the microscope, at one point this girl yelled out 'i feel like im looking at something i shouldnt be looking at!' we all busted up laughing. call us immature if you want...but i found this pretty hilarious.)

also today in our 'trade fair' (which is basically a white elephant exchange but with a POINT) i scored a CLASSROOM SET of personal whiteboards. sa-weet!

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