i think you all know why today was awesome...i mean i have only been looking forward to today for the past 4 weeks, and have been vocally counting down all this week.

but my favorite part of the day was when one of my first graders shoots up out of his desk when it was completely silent and yells "MISS WARD! I'M GOING TO MISS YOU UNTIL I DIE!" oh heavens...i think i really will miss those kiddos!

i found out my student teaching placements! im moving to Sandy, UT folks. to hang out with 5th graders for 5 weeks, and then 3rd graders for 5 weeks. awesome!

dinner with some of my favorite level 3 people was soooo fun

hanging out my 2 of my best pals kym and karinne tonight was wonderful. soooo wonderful

also, i found what is quite possibly the coolest website ever...go here to see

now, i sleep. and i intend to sleep until i can sleep no longer. 
im quite excited.



work was strangely sooooo fun today.
kasidy and i pressured Jairo into ordering us pizza,
so that was pretty stellar.
then gwen came into visit and we had a homework party. 
then emily came in.
and then sara came in.
so kasidy, gwen, sara, emily and i had hours of great bonding.
cursing our teachers
jamming to tyler ward
giggling to who knows what
planning great weekend events
and rejoicing in 'one more day' of practicum.
then, we went to taco bell. 
it was pretty much great.
 and i even got some homework done
p.s. i took this pic last summer at pike's market.
ahhhhh i want to go back there!



all day i have been thinking
"tomorrow i can say, tomorrow is my last day kids!"
that shouldnt make me as happy as it does.
bah ha ha

i taught a measurement lesson a little bit ago,
and i just got around to correcting the papers i had them do.
the students each had a ruler,
and were allowed to measure things around the room
writing down the item and its length
i remember one kid kept following me around but i didnt think much of it
until i saw his paper tonight
i laughed sooooo hard
 he was measuring me!
"misis wrd" aka "miss ward" oh man. 
apparently im 6 feet tall too.
crack me up

as ready as i am to be done,
im going to miss some of these kids.
they are hilarious!



only 3 days left...3 days....

kurt belting his awesome-ness.
the return of kristin chenoweth
and some pretty stellar one-liners.
now that is happy

oh and did i mention
3 days....



today i wrote a ten-ish page paper on how 
my first day of school as a teacher is going to go.
planned out minute by minute.
i chose to do second grade cause thats what i want to teach
and as annoying 
and time consuming 
as this paper was,
it was also soooo exciting!
i cant believe that i could have my own class in 8 months!
how exciting!!
it made me happy thinking about that.

also i actually got to see gwen tonight! 
haha we have been so busy lately
i feel like i havent seen her in ages.
but we had a subzero party
and exhanged the latest stories.
it was fun.

now only 4 more days of 1st grade left.
woo hoo.
can i do it?
i sure hope so!

happy monday everyone.



today was just an other great day 
to complete another great weekend
my favorite part was the talk today in church
(the going to a random sacrament meeting turned out to be
but the girl who spoke was darling, 
and her talk was on patience.
one thing she talked about was being happy.
she said that we can't wait to be happy.
we can't have the mind set that 
"i will be happy when..."
we just have to find the joy in the now
and be actively engaged in now.
we may have to wait for something
but it can't be happiness
because happiness is something we should always have.
i loved it!
perfect start to the day.
then there was lunch and visiting with saras family
and a drive back to logan listening to glee
it was a good day


today was wonderful.
sleeping in,
gilmore girls
a tiny bit of homework.
and then a roadtrip with sara.
we went to help out at the wedding of our dear friend's brother.
we served food, ate some cake
and made yummy punch!
we were going to head back up to logan afterwards
but we were having too much fun
we stayed and had an all girls night!
dinner, talking, laughing, running around screaming,
ice cream, giggling, hiking up to the U at 2 am, lots of mildly embarassing pictures
and lots and lots of girl talk.
it was seriously one of the funnest nights in a long time
one of those nights where you laugh so hard you have a headache
but you just keep on laughing anyways,
one of those nights where you really do nothing at all
but you know you will remember it forever.
it was pretty happy.



i woke up this morning and it was raining.
i love rain.
a lot

this week for reading we have been learning tall tells.
we read Paul Bunyon.
Johnny Appleseed.
and today,
we watched this.
its pretty awesome.
i laughed a lot.

then i left early and went to a long
and boring awards ceremony
but i got a free 'I Win-Senior 2010'
its pretty awesome

then hung out with kym.
dinner plus
an incredibly horrible play
made for a perfect night.

now. i sit on my bed
watching gilmore girls
as i plan an entire year of
spelling and writing lessons.



tomorrow is friday
that. is. the. best. news. i. have. heard. all. week
tomorrow i might be a little richer...
fingers crossed
i got some much much needed homework done.
only ONE week of practicum left
and another SLC adventure with "another version of myself" aka sara ence
this weekend
woot woot!!

p.s. i was wasting time today
and came across this awesome pic.
oh the good old days
oh and this one too



the NOT going to the awards ceremony tonight was pretty hilarious.
kasidy, we are awesome
its true

dinner with kym
was sooooo fun!
and a cali trip in the planning?
woot woo
thats right. its open in logan
and sara and i definitely ran in at our soonest available moment
THEN we watched 17 Again.
love it.
loooooove it.

and. um. here is an awesome pic
just cuz.



FOUND my i-pod
and its gleeeeee night.
madonna glee night to be more precise 



i think the highlight of this crappy day
was walking home at dusk
feeling the wonderful spring breeze
sniffing in the fragrant blossoms
smiling at all the motivated evening joggers
and seeing this random purple toilet outside the student center.
oh how i love this place.

sorry its a crap photo, but i only had my phone on me.
but there it is.
and toilet-y

one more awesome bit of news.
brace yourselves...
its pretty awesome.
there is this fantastic little icecream place
in provo.
the shear fantastic-ness of this icecream
sums up why sara and i would dare venture to provo
multiple times this year.
its called subzero and its epic.
there is nothing else like it.
all i have to say is that liquid nitrogen is involved
and i KNOW you will got running to one at your soonest convenience.
they are opening one in logan!
now that alone is not very exciting because i only have 3 weeks in logan left
BUT they are also opening one in
oh man.
this will in fact be the greatest summer ever!
soooo stoked!

no i do not know this man
BUT there he is,
making some subzero icecream



spring in boise.
plus a sunday nap
equals a super afternoon

the day didnt exactly end the best though.
i had to leave home.
it was crap.
i hope the next 3 weeks go by fastttttt
ESPECIALLY cause i left my ipod at home.
ahhhh whatever will i do.



miss daniele's wedding.
what a beautiful day!

apparently i failed at getting a good picture of her and i.
hopefully the ones the photographer took of us turned out and i can get my hands on one

oh...also, i went to albertsons afterwards
and cereal was $1
i stalked up.
that is indeed what i will be living on for the next 3 weeks...






no first grade tomorrow
because i will be here:



it was not the best day.
my 1st graders were crazy.
im sleep deprived.
i have farrrr too much to do.
and to make matters worse
andrew garcia got kicked off of idol.
shoot me.
that was NOT supposed to happen.
but i did find joy in the day.
i created a new pandora station.
and it was just full of suprises.
glee, broadway, disney soundtracks, jason mraz, michael buble.
every 3-ish minutes was like a new little slice of heaven.
how i just love the little things in life.
especially the joy that music brings me.



i think the happiness of today could go unmentioned...
i mean it is pretty obvious...

but im far too happy for that
what a gleeful day
"we were seduced by the glitz and glamor of showbiz"
"we have to wear sunscreen on stage. but its worth it"
"i am engorged with venom and triumph"
"I want us to be together, a real couple. I even circled some dates on your crazy calendar"
"Sometimes I forget my middle name"
"Thank you for the coffee. And the making out? Pretty hot"
"Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?"
"You caught me by sneak attack that time, it was like a pearly white harbor."

i will stop with the quotes for now
one great part of today happened in 1st grade
i took the kids for a bathroom break
and there was one little girl who was taking like 5 hundred years.
all the kids were waiting
and getting impatient.
so i told them all to quietly stand in line and count to 100 in their heads
as i went on a search for this child
as i turned the corner into the girls bathroom
i see this little girl standing in front of the mirror belting out some song.
she was singing. she was dancing.
she was full of glee.
i walked up to her
told her she is awesome
but that we had to go back to class to do spelling.
she simply turned toward me walked out the door
but kept singing.
that child is now a favorite.
what a day filled with glee!



the greatest thing about spending an entire weekend with sara
has been the fact that we can NOT stop talking about.
we having been facebooking and texting it up non-stop.
it really was super duper :)

my scholastic book order arrived...
6 books for under 10 bucks made my life complete.

i just found this:

and hallelujah!
we are down to a matter of HOURS till its return. 
go ahead have a peek.
i have a feeling i will be developing a crush on mike chang in the near future.



i heart sundays.
it was sad that our happy valley extraveganza had to end
but i suppose all good things must come to an end.
but today was wonderful.
gorgeous outside
awesome church.
(not so awesome musical numbers though...)
playing games with sara's sisters
and sunday dinner with her family.
it was a good day. 
and it makes me ever more excited to go home this weekend.
yay for families!



sharing awesome dreams such as 'spaghetti surprise'
a youtube party
fruitcake making
( was supposed to be on friday...but that didnt work out)
cafe rio lunching
wedding shower planning
following white subaru man
attending jeanettes wedding
seeing my katie!

pretty much just a happy happy day



best. friday. ever.
ikea awesome-ness.
random provo library stop.
new favorite resturant.
and one of the best nights of my life.
i would consider moving to provo just so i could attend
comedy sportz club every weekend.
such a fun date!
plus, i LOVE these girls.



what a gorgeous day it is outside
i pulled open the blinds this morning,
opened my window
and just laid there for quite some time.
the birds were going crazy
and the sun was shining on my face. 
i read and read and read by book
until my tummy was grumbling for some food.
but i couldn't have been any happier just laying there.
then i gym-ed it up for 90 minutes
and tanned 
(again...dont bother with the skin cancer danger concerns,
summer is around the corner,
and i cant handle pasty white skin anymore.
im meant to be tan.) 
then in honor of the triumphant weather,
i washed my car
...well actually Chevron's Touch-Free Car Wash
washed my car...
but either way it reminded me of summer and days like this:
and summer nights like these...

oh how i love love good weather.
what joy it brings :)



it only 1 PM but my day has been made.
its a good thing i watched this by myself
otherwise i fear people would have mocked my reaction for a century.
but lee dewyze...thank you for making my day.

also...the cast of glee was on oprah today. for the FULL hour. i have never loved oprah as much as i did today. and i think i was far too happy watching it :P



today was happy.
it was quiet and relaxing
and i was able to have some quality 'me' time.
reading, more gilmore girls, gym, tanning, grocery shopping
relaxing...and then of course i had to be responsible and go to work.
but it was great.
i got assignments done and out of the way
it was a good day.



its been a wonderful day so far!
spring break #2 is treating me well!
today i caught up on lots of long lost sleep
and have spent some much needed time on myself doing what I want to do.
i watched gilmore girls (for i won't mention how long)
and am about to start the 2nd book.
i got some MUCH needed homework out of the way,
and read this beautiful article that my friend Heidi posted on her blog
it was simply exactly what i needed to hear/read.
(sometimes i hate that im not in Young Womens anymore
because my favorite part of the year was the YW broadcast)
and after i get off work im headed to the gym!
and will treat myself to tanning...
(dont give me a lecture on skin cancer, im not going to listen)
hope everyone is having a fantastic day! 
dont forget to smile!



by no coincidence was the sun shining and the birds chirping
after days of yucky snow and cloudy skies.
the sun came out for easter sunday.
it was absolutely breathtaking.
and there were simply beautiful talks in general conference.
this is happy.
today was happy.
i am happy.
happy easter everyone!



to say today was a fantastic day would be an understatement.
it was seriously exactly what i need.
i attended 2 sessions of conference today with my dear friend Sandra.
it was absolutely beautiful.
to sit at the feet of the prophet is always something that brings tears to my eyes
and warms my heart.
i love the overwhelming spirit that is at the conference center
and the powerful messages
that always seem pinpointed directly at me.
the gospel truly is amazing.
i couldnt image a life without it.
also im pretty proud of this picture.
this picture brings me great joy.
p.s. i may or may not be ending my evening with a little zac efron.
i wish sara was here with me...she understands how much i heart this movie!



most of you know im a little glee obsessed.
okay, maybe a lot obsessed.

well, a few weeks ago i joined the 'iqbal theba' fan page on facebook
(he plays principal figgins on the show)
and is in several other movies...
one of them being bling dating, which is hilarious
and which i just happened to watch this past weekend with kym and karinne.
well...this picture speaks for itself:

i laughed for a good 20 mins.
did 'principal figgins' just respond to my message?
facebook kills me.
gotta love it.

im also really stoked its finally the weekend
spring #2 has officially begun
and that saturday is going to be so stellar :)
as well as weekends for the rest of the month.
i heart april already!

oh and kym bring on the 'royal bff' necklaces
bah ha ha ha
oh yessss



seriously the only thing that got me through today was the fact that tomorrow is friday.
and this weekend is easter 
and conference
and im going to BOTH sessions on saturday
and next week is spring break #2
its been a long week.
and to top it all off this just had to happen...
nice april fools joke eh? not!
(picture courtesy of my pal emily m.)
i mean i guess its 'beautiful'
but after so many months...
im mean come on mr. snow
let mr. spring have his turn...
ahhh thats much better. that makes me happy :)
oh, and 1st grade is growing on me.
a lot.