spring in boise.
plus a sunday nap
equals a super afternoon

the day didnt exactly end the best though.
i had to leave home.
it was crap.
i hope the next 3 weeks go by fastttttt
ESPECIALLY cause i left my ipod at home.
ahhhh whatever will i do.


Dana Cheryl said...

Beautiful!!! Can your folks mail your iPod to ya? I'd probably die without it. :)

Whit Sariah said...

the thing has gone missing. i searched and search before i left, but to no avail did i find my dear ipod.
i told my fam to search for me, and if it is located in the near future they will send it to me.
i really dont know how i will survive without it.
its only been one day, and i have found myself reaching for it countless times.
:( sad.