what a gorgeous day it is outside
i pulled open the blinds this morning,
opened my window
and just laid there for quite some time.
the birds were going crazy
and the sun was shining on my face. 
i read and read and read by book
until my tummy was grumbling for some food.
but i couldn't have been any happier just laying there.
then i gym-ed it up for 90 minutes
and tanned 
(again...dont bother with the skin cancer danger concerns,
summer is around the corner,
and i cant handle pasty white skin anymore.
im meant to be tan.) 
then in honor of the triumphant weather,
i washed my car
...well actually Chevron's Touch-Free Car Wash
washed my car...
but either way it reminded me of summer and days like this:
and summer nights like these...

oh how i love love good weather.
what joy it brings :)

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Dana Cheryl said...

Me too! Me too! Me too! So excited for the joy good weather brings!!!