work was strangely sooooo fun today.
kasidy and i pressured Jairo into ordering us pizza,
so that was pretty stellar.
then gwen came into visit and we had a homework party. 
then emily came in.
and then sara came in.
so kasidy, gwen, sara, emily and i had hours of great bonding.
cursing our teachers
jamming to tyler ward
giggling to who knows what
planning great weekend events
and rejoicing in 'one more day' of practicum.
then, we went to taco bell. 
it was pretty much great.
 and i even got some homework done
p.s. i took this pic last summer at pike's market.
ahhhhh i want to go back there!

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ylime said...

Tonight was so great! I am so excited for this weekend. We should go to Pikes Market this summer. I went last summer and it was so much fun. I love Seattle!