most of you know im a little glee obsessed.
okay, maybe a lot obsessed.

well, a few weeks ago i joined the 'iqbal theba' fan page on facebook
(he plays principal figgins on the show)
and is in several other movies...
one of them being bling dating, which is hilarious
and which i just happened to watch this past weekend with kym and karinne.
well...this picture speaks for itself:

i laughed for a good 20 mins.
did 'principal figgins' just respond to my message?
facebook kills me.
gotta love it.

im also really stoked its finally the weekend
spring #2 has officially begun
and that saturday is going to be so stellar :)
as well as weekends for the rest of the month.
i heart april already!

oh and kym bring on the 'royal bff' necklaces
bah ha ha ha
oh yessss


Kym said...

Oh I love it! Actually it was filmed in Ogden, Utah...silly Iqbal :) jk. You should write back and tell him that you went on a Blind Dating trek and saw all the landmarks of the movie!

Whit Sariah said...

bah ha ha ha i know, i have been thinking about what to write back. the whole thing just kills me!

Kym said...

Its just too great! I see you and him becoming BFFs haha