i think the highlight of this crappy day
was walking home at dusk
feeling the wonderful spring breeze
sniffing in the fragrant blossoms
smiling at all the motivated evening joggers
and seeing this random purple toilet outside the student center.
oh how i love this place.

sorry its a crap photo, but i only had my phone on me.
but there it is.
and toilet-y

one more awesome bit of news.
brace yourselves...
its pretty awesome.
there is this fantastic little icecream place
in provo.
the shear fantastic-ness of this icecream
sums up why sara and i would dare venture to provo
multiple times this year.
its called subzero and its epic.
there is nothing else like it.
all i have to say is that liquid nitrogen is involved
and i KNOW you will got running to one at your soonest convenience.
they are opening one in logan!
now that alone is not very exciting because i only have 3 weeks in logan left
BUT they are also opening one in
oh man.
this will in fact be the greatest summer ever!
soooo stoked!

no i do not know this man
BUT there he is,
making some subzero icecream

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Dana Cheryl said...

I've never heard of Subzero Icecream but after checking out your link I'm super excited for ya. I think I wanna open one up somewhere. I've always wanted to own an icecream shop!!