to say today was a fantastic day would be an understatement.
it was seriously exactly what i need.
i attended 2 sessions of conference today with my dear friend Sandra.
it was absolutely beautiful.
to sit at the feet of the prophet is always something that brings tears to my eyes
and warms my heart.
i love the overwhelming spirit that is at the conference center
and the powerful messages
that always seem pinpointed directly at me.
the gospel truly is amazing.
i couldnt image a life without it.
also im pretty proud of this picture.
this picture brings me great joy.
p.s. i may or may not be ending my evening with a little zac efron.
i wish sara was here with me...she understands how much i heart this movie!


sara michelle said...

firstly, did you take this picture?! gorgeous! makes my heart happy for spring! :) secondly, we should watch hsm3 this weekend again. it's been too long since i saw it. ha ha ha

Whit Sariah said...

i did take the picture! i was quite proud of myself :) lol and YES HSM3 is a must :) i will most definitely bring it! woot woot