today i wrote a ten-ish page paper on how 
my first day of school as a teacher is going to go.
planned out minute by minute.
i chose to do second grade cause thats what i want to teach
and as annoying 
and time consuming 
as this paper was,
it was also soooo exciting!
i cant believe that i could have my own class in 8 months!
how exciting!!
it made me happy thinking about that.

also i actually got to see gwen tonight! 
haha we have been so busy lately
i feel like i havent seen her in ages.
but we had a subzero party
and exhanged the latest stories.
it was fun.

now only 4 more days of 1st grade left.
woo hoo.
can i do it?
i sure hope so!

happy monday everyone.


sara michelle said...

you're not allowed to have subzero parties without me. boooo

Whit Sariah said...

im sorry im sorry im sorry!
gwen hadnt experienced the awesome-ness and it just happened.
just know that i was thinking about you when i ate it. haha