met up with my dearest katie
which i 100% needed :)
love her.

then did a 6 mile run at the gym
and now my legs feel like jello.
but its okay cause i like jello.

oh did you know its almost OCTOBER? 
which is my favorite month
and its ALMOST friday?
which means i get to go to logan!?
ahhh go aggies!
this weekend is going to be happy!



another glorious day in 4th/5th combo class,
came home and watched glee...again.
went and gymed it up
grocery shopped
chatted with ma
and wrote more lessons.



tuesday has the ability to turn what was a crap crappy day...
it may be the fact that it means its not monday anymore
and that we are one day closer to friday
but lets be honest here.
it means i get to salivate over matthew morrison for one blissful hour.
tuesdays are great days.

also found this today.
new album coming soon?
love him. love him a lot.



1. a little girl ran into class today shouting 'miss ward do you like squash?!'
i said why yes of course! 
(when in actuality, i hate squash. i have tried over and over again, but fail, its icky.)
and out of her backpack she pulls out a squash.
hahahaha she said 'its from our garden!'
i just gave her a big hug and told her how excited i was!
so now i have a squash...any takers?

2. my teacher put me in charge of scholastic book orders.
that is pure danger with a capital 'D'
so i got all the orders back,
(including a list of books i wanted to order for moi)
and my teacher says, 
'oh wait! you get all the teacher points for this order!
lets count up your points and find stuff that would you like!'
well. we counted and i got 1205 points
meaning i got ALL the books i wanted to order
i about cried with happiness and joy.
nothing makes me happier than the complete set of ramona and beezus books
and a slew of judy blume books and picture books. 
pure bliss.



went and said 'farewell' to my dear sara michelle today.
she gave a lovely little speech
and will definitely be a fantastic missionary.
going to miss her...
18 months isnt that long right?

 blast im going to miss that girl.

then took a 30 minute nap before my ward started.
have i ever mentioned i love to sleep?
and i need a lot of it?

my ward was interesting today.
one talk was semi painful to listen to
the other was really great
but i was super ansty today
and had a hard time focusing.
then sunday school was just plain weird,
the guy who taught the lesson looked like he was straight out of amish country.
but then came relief society.
and that lesson right there made 4 hours of church totally worth it.
so wonderful
so perfect.
we really are all in this together...



slept in till noon.
woke up and watched 'letters to juliet'
took a nap
(double bliss)
unpacked some fall clothes
took myself to cafe rio
had a glee marathon
did my laundry
watched thoroughly modern millie
stayed in sweats all day long.

ahhh completely relaxing day.
*p.s. this is called 'bliss vineyards.' lovely.



i love the weekends....



this made my day.

today one of my 4th graders came up and said:
'miss ward, when im at school im a student, but when im at home im a teacher'
i said, oh ya? tell me about this!'
she said 'well, when i get home, my sisters and my neighbors and i play school, and i am ALWAYS the student teacher just like you.



today was AWESOME!
my teacher was gone all day
and the class was MINE! all MINE!
university policy says that there has to be a sub in the room,
but i just made her grade papers all day :)
muh hahahaha
it was sooo much fun to have the class to myself!



1. seeing two of my BEST FRIENDS
2. and we watch the premier of GLEE



today was pretty lovely.
played symbol jeopary with my students.
the bishops wife sent me the sweetest email.
went to fhe.
...up the canyon. 
relished in the crisp weather and the smell of bonfire.
ACTUALLY met a ton of new awesome people.
and now i watch some glee
in preparation for tomorrow.
happy day!



happy sunday.
always happy.
spoke in church.
wore a new outift.
 planned tomorrows social studies lesson
watched some gilmore.
and went to ward prayer.
ahhh sunday....



so...i really love the weekends. ahhhh pure bliss!
today Kasidy and I ventured out to the gateway and met Kym.
we went to a movie, lunch and then spent quite a while in barnes and noble
plus found some new shoes 
(i used the 'im speaking in church tomorrow and need new shoes' excuse)
it was quite a lovely day!
even if i missed out on this...
(the highland games and my little bro taking three medals at the highland games
including 1st place) 

BUT i purchased this to make my self feel better :)
 happy happy joy.



ahhhh finally got internet today.
happy happy joy.
on my drive to school today, 
the changing colors on the beautiful mountains were particularly breathtaking.
it literally gave me a sensation of happiness.
i love love love fall.
um, my kids were absolutely adorable today,
and i know its going to be so hard for me to leave them in a month.
also, my cooperating teacher told me i was an answer to her prayers.
it kinda made my day.
she is so great. and very much needed after LAST year 
(*shudder* that was not the best experience.)
kasidy and i went to sweet tomatoes for dinner
and here we have another gilmore marathon.
ahhhh this is the life.



gilmore girls and grading papers.
welcome to the rest of my life.



1. today my students literally gasped and had looks of shear terror when i started talking about how i have to switch to 3rd grade in about 5 weeks. 
sweet confirmation that i really can do this...

2. today one of the 4th graders defined meat as: 'stuff inside cows'
hummmmm. very interesting.

3. today one of the 5th graders asked me if he could tell the principle to hire me as a 6th grade teacher, so he can be in my class next year.
i laughed, but i secretly hope he does go talk to the principal...

4. went to dinner with my dear katie, sara, and katie jane.
sure do love those girlies!

happy wednesday!



we are down to LESS THAN A WEEK folks!
happy day!
and in the mean time THIS came in the mail today,
so i totally have enough matthew morrison to tide me over till next tuesday.
which INCLUDES the infamous butt clenching episode.
rewind button broken much?
no.... not yet that is.
also, this came out today.
dont judge me.
i kinda sorta loved this movie
and i may or may not have seen it 3 times in the theaters...



today my school was closed.
no school. nothing.
i got SOOOO much done
like sleeping in, 
finalizing my awesome lesson,
finishing mockingjay (gasp! soooooo good!)
and purchasing this cd.
can i just say LOVE?!
she really knows how to say it like it is.
sooo well that at this point i cant even PICK a favorite.
ahhhh way to go sara b. way to go.



sundays are always great days.
i get to catch up on sleep,
and this new ward seems to have the most remarkable talks ever.
seriously, i left church feeling so rejuvenated and happy.
then, there was the CES fireside with Elder Scott
and while it was indeed the most awkward fireside i have ever heard,
it definitely had a powerful message and something to learn from.
Elder Scott is an amazing man, and do hope to meet someone like him someday.
after the fireside i had a movie party with some new friends.
we watched the Music Man, 
the classic Music Man,
which is indeed one of my favorites.
i think im going to get along with these friends just fine :)
happy sunday!



oh today was full of smiles.
i went to bed at 9:30 last night,
so i woke up this morning so relaxed and ready for adventures!
i drove to ogden to meet kym,
where we tried to go to a fainting goat show, but we missed it.
i know right? how awesome would that have been?
but instead we went to Real Deals, Smith and Edwards
and best of all...Historic 25th Street where they filmed 
one of our favorite movies Blind Dating
we ate at the Union Station Grill, and visited our favorite gay guys at Making Scents
where i mixed up my very own Christmas smelly hand scrub. 
then, i drove back home and took myself shopping.



hoorah for friday!
great day at school
and the best part of today,
was coming home, eating dinner, and starting THE REAL pride and prejudice.
ahhh i must find me a mr darcy.
"I love you. Most ardently. Please do me the honor of accepting my hand" 



finally went grocery shopping!
its nice to have fresh produce and something to eat!
also, kasidy and i rented Killers
and i pretty much love that movie now.
its absolutely ridiculous,
but was so great the the same time.



today i did the bulletin board outside of our classroom
and i must say it looks pretty swell 



oh tuesday you came some fast!
luckily it was a good day.
taught a spelling lesson,
and i am completely convinced that i have the best class in the world!
i <3 being a teacher!



labor day!
voyage to ogden to spend the day with kym and her family!
bowling, and a scrumptious BBQ!
topped the day off with some lesson planning
and a bronco football win.
oh happy day.



what a marvelous day!
seriously it was absolutely wonderful!
started it out with sleeping in,
then woke up and watched The Testaments
and was completely overwhelmed by that eye opening last line
*the Messiah has come, and will come again*
went to church
had a lovely testimony meeting, in which i did participate :)
great sunday school 
and RS/Preisthood brought on the 2 for 2 talley...
number 2 marriage talk...bleh.
THEN had family dinner with the Ralphs fam
and the BEST ward prayer i have ever been to!
im pretty sure im going to LOVE this new ward.
random, yes? hilarious, also yes.



spelling lesson plan.
social studies lesson plan.
cafe rio.
chaco love.
(on super sale for that matter!)
today was a good day



friday. woot woot!
i semi-successfully took over 5th grade math today
and needless to say...i need to brush up on 5th grade math...
BUT it was so fun, and i just really love teaching :)
i guess thats good thing!
ahhh soo happy 
AND so excited its LABOR DAY weekend! 



my students are darling.
my teacher is wonderful.
my supervisor is fantastic
the school is adorable
*so happy right now*



survived day 1 as a student teacher. woooo hooo!
it was a delightful day. 
i have a PHENOMENAL teacher and the cutest and most well behaved kids in the world!
its a 4th grade 5th grade combo class of gifted and talented students. 
it was indeed lovely!
best part was during my introduction, i brought 10 things that describe me, 
one of them being an eiffel tower statue thingy (duh)
after i talked a little about it, one kids hand shot up in the air, when i called on him he said,
in the most hilarious french accent ever:
do you like french men?!
i was so caught of guard. i just about died!
the teacher was laughing as well, and then proceeded to tell me all about his different accents he does randomly in class.
oh this will definitely be a great month and a half :)
busy, but great.
makes me want to go buy a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils
...or have a boy send it to me it the mail...