sundays are always great days.
i get to catch up on sleep,
and this new ward seems to have the most remarkable talks ever.
seriously, i left church feeling so rejuvenated and happy.
then, there was the CES fireside with Elder Scott
and while it was indeed the most awkward fireside i have ever heard,
it definitely had a powerful message and something to learn from.
Elder Scott is an amazing man, and do hope to meet someone like him someday.
after the fireside i had a movie party with some new friends.
we watched the Music Man, 
the classic Music Man,
which is indeed one of my favorites.
i think im going to get along with these friends just fine :)
happy sunday!


All About Gretchen! said...

i.shook.hands.with.a.general.authority.yesterday. (sunday)

Nancy said...

yes that fireside was so awkward!! I loved when he said stupid.