so...i really love the weekends. ahhhh pure bliss!
today Kasidy and I ventured out to the gateway and met Kym.
we went to a movie, lunch and then spent quite a while in barnes and noble
plus found some new shoes 
(i used the 'im speaking in church tomorrow and need new shoes' excuse)
it was quite a lovely day!
even if i missed out on this...
(the highland games and my little bro taking three medals at the highland games
including 1st place) 

BUT i purchased this to make my self feel better :)
 happy happy joy.


kym said...

Let's bucket list this b*tch. Lol best line ever

All About Gretchen! said...

Awwwww, Whit. I miss going to the mall and movies with you!!! And show shopping:D one of my favorite things to do.