1. a little girl ran into class today shouting 'miss ward do you like squash?!'
i said why yes of course! 
(when in actuality, i hate squash. i have tried over and over again, but fail, its icky.)
and out of her backpack she pulls out a squash.
hahahaha she said 'its from our garden!'
i just gave her a big hug and told her how excited i was!
so now i have a squash...any takers?

2. my teacher put me in charge of scholastic book orders.
that is pure danger with a capital 'D'
so i got all the orders back,
(including a list of books i wanted to order for moi)
and my teacher says, 
'oh wait! you get all the teacher points for this order!
lets count up your points and find stuff that would you like!'
well. we counted and i got 1205 points
meaning i got ALL the books i wanted to order
i about cried with happiness and joy.
nothing makes me happier than the complete set of ramona and beezus books
and a slew of judy blume books and picture books. 
pure bliss.


kym said...

I always thought losing my virginity would be more special...Judy Blume should have prepared me for that. Hehe sorry I couldn't help myself. Thats really cool you got them all for free!

All About Gretchen! said...

Buying childrens books, for whitney, makes everything better, kind of like little kids in a candy store??

Amelia said...

HAHAHAHAHHHHAHAHA i remember coming home with the book order thing to show my mom that is printed on that creepy paper, it feels so weird. My mom would NEVER let me get any the fact that you got to order some **AND** get them for free, makes me want to cry with you.