went and said 'farewell' to my dear sara michelle today.
she gave a lovely little speech
and will definitely be a fantastic missionary.
going to miss her...
18 months isnt that long right?

 blast im going to miss that girl.

then took a 30 minute nap before my ward started.
have i ever mentioned i love to sleep?
and i need a lot of it?

my ward was interesting today.
one talk was semi painful to listen to
the other was really great
but i was super ansty today
and had a hard time focusing.
then sunday school was just plain weird,
the guy who taught the lesson looked like he was straight out of amish country.
but then came relief society.
and that lesson right there made 4 hours of church totally worth it.
so wonderful
so perfect.
we really are all in this together...


sara michelle said...

thanks for the shout out, whit! you da best, and i'm going to miss you like crazy. just think, by the time i get home you're going to have a classroom of students! WHA? 18 months will fly. i promise. love youuu

emily janette said...

love this. love that song. loved seeing you yesterday. :)

All About Gretchen! said...

josh groban is pretty much the angel of music.