today was wonderful.
sleeping in,
gilmore girls
a tiny bit of homework.
and then a roadtrip with sara.
we went to help out at the wedding of our dear friend's brother.
we served food, ate some cake
and made yummy punch!
we were going to head back up to logan afterwards
but we were having too much fun
we stayed and had an all girls night!
dinner, talking, laughing, running around screaming,
ice cream, giggling, hiking up to the U at 2 am, lots of mildly embarassing pictures
and lots and lots of girl talk.
it was seriously one of the funnest nights in a long time
one of those nights where you laugh so hard you have a headache
but you just keep on laughing anyways,
one of those nights where you really do nothing at all
but you know you will remember it forever.
it was pretty happy.


sara michelle said...

"one of those night when you really do nothing at all, but you know you'll remember it forever..." i love that.

Kylie said...

Look at your sexy legs! Man, I need to get back into an exercise routine again so my legs can look good too!

Whit Sariah said...

oh kylie. you crack me up.