the greatest thing about spending an entire weekend with sara
has been the fact that we can NOT stop talking about.
we having been facebooking and texting it up non-stop.
it really was super duper :)

my scholastic book order arrived...
6 books for under 10 bucks made my life complete.

i just found this:

and hallelujah!
we are down to a matter of HOURS till its return. 
go ahead have a peek.
i have a feeling i will be developing a crush on mike chang in the near future.


emily janette said...

oh my gosh. i can't even describe to you how excited it made me to watch that song!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Whit Sariah said...

oh you are tellin me! im counting the hours. pathetic? maybe. necessary? you know it. <3

Lindsay said...

i'm busting at the seams!!!