today in 1st grade the teacher let my first name slip.
the children freaked out.
they were like "no! you are wrong! thats miss ward!"
then one boy raised his hand and says
"wait, was that her name when she was younger?"
bah ha ha. love it

also, my 'date' with kym was a SUCCESS
soooo fun :)
i love that we can partake of guilty pleasures together
and not have to worry about looking silly
(guilty pleasures as in...miley cyrus movies :P haha dont judge)
but it was definitely a fun fun night!

and when i came home...i played this
dont ask me why, i just did.
and dont worry i already laughed at myself enough.

today was good. :)

and i like this picture.
i feel like frolicking through this grove of trees singing jason mraz songs
preferably with jason mraz at my side. hum...

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