today is my favorite day of the whole entire year.
no kidding.
the day after thanksgiving, every year
is our family day.
we sleep in
and then dad and i put the christmas lights on the house.
dont know why its always my dad and i
but i love it. 
he gets kind of scroogy,
but it semi-entertaining 
and its tradition for every year.
then we decorate inside for christmas
listen to christmas music all day
and then...
we have our annual family schmorgasborg
(or however you spell it)
we get all sorts of junk food and we watch christmas movies
into the wee small hours of the morning.
we usually get through 5 or 6 movies
and its so glorious!
i love the anticipation of christmas, which i think is why i love this day so much.
plus its my whole family, all 6 of us
which always makes me happy.

boo. i cant rotate this picture. sad.

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