today was a good day...even though i was at school for almost 13 hours again tonight,
it was suprisingly a joyous day.
1. i love the people i work with (the staff at this school is great, they crack me up!)
2. im finally starting to love 3rd grade (oh 8 year old humor is too much!)
3. parent/teacher conference week means....Scholastic book fair in the library
4. above mentioned book fair means i was forced to complete my collection of my most favorite series. now i just need the audio cd's and the doll to top it all off.
5. i also added this to my social studies collection. a-dor-a-ble!
6. gahhhh i love kids books.
7. i get to sleep in AND see my katie tomorrow.
8. i get to see kym AND karinne AND go to logan on saturday.
9. i love today's post. mildly inappropriate at times, but boy do i love him. 
10. i found my very very last spiced orange harvest square that i have been hoarding for months and months. possibly even years.
do i dare burn it? 
i think the thought that i just HAVE one made my whole world today haha
happy thursday!

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All About Gretchen! said...

:D thats so cute. skippy jon jones is a must in your collectiuon. i even like reading them haha. sounds like your gonna have a fun weekend!