spent the afternoon scrapbooking 
and watching my fair lady.

google all pacman-ed out
totally brightened my day :)

found out twin a AND twin b 
both made it into falcon jazz as 8th graders.
i only got to be a part of awesome falcon jazz-ness as a 9th grader
but that was a good 9 years ago...
when show choir was cool
and people appreciated the music department.
...ahhhh those were the good old days
i even have the crappy pics to prove it:

then subway with the parents
which included an awesome paris bag 
that the not-so-happy subway worker
let me have without having to buy a kids meal :)

it was a good day


Kym said...

I love that you didn't even have to buy a kids meal. I'm sad I missed that moment. btw, I was a sur la table the yesterday and I saw a paris coffee cup that was extremely cute. I thought about buying it but then I saw that it was $30! For a coffee cup!...i put it back on the shelf..carefully :)

Whit Sariah said...

seriously?! ahhh man. thirty bucks? thats ridiculous.