summer rain
(i really do love it...although it was suppose to be a swim day...guess you cant have it all eh?)
playing the statue maker game
and mission
and approximately 7 consecutive games of Uno

we went to costa vida for our weekly staff meeting and the power was out!
the employee said..."oh hey! apparently we are going green"

strawberries as big as my head for dessert
a very entertaining conversation with my sister
oh man, she cracks me up

and this song...which im 1000% sure he sang for me...


Lindsay said...

mission makes me happy. the fact that i wasn't even there and it made me smile is saying something...(possibly that i'm crazy)

Kym said...

Hands down my absolute favorite song of the season. I have been waiting for that one since the youtube video at Comic-Con. So glad it finally made it on to the show!

All About Gretchen! said...

First of all. . . . he sang it for me!!!!!! Thank you very much. He sang me to sleep. But I will give you this. . . . you can have him. He's old enough to be my dad!!!! Even with his o-mazing hair.