field trip day! we went and saw 'How to Train Your Dragon'
kind of a silly movie, but hey, i got paid to go see it.

my 'mini me' begged and pleaded for me to make her matching ankle bracelets like mine
so we are all matchy matchy now, and she though it was the coolest thing ever
(shhhh dont tell the others shes my fav)

some random lady in the park brought us a bag of pretzels 
cause she thought the 5 kids we had left at that time might be hungry
ahhhh so funny.

watched GG when i got home

printed off camp pictures for our poster

a killer deal on 2 pairs of pants, and some awesome roxy shoes
gotta love savers :P

saw a wicked cool sunset...but didnt get pictures :(

rented when in rome...hahaha
its such a stupid movie,
but i kind of sort of love it!

now off to sleep!
happy tuesday!

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