today was a good day.
semi stressful and scary at times (we had a dive and rescue for one of my 6 year olds at the pool today :( eek)
but over all it was a good day:

today was a swim day.
swimming makes me happy :)
and im looking rather lobster-ish and i love it
weird, yes, but i always kind of enjoy getting sunburned
mainly because by the time i wake up it will most likely have already turned into a tan (love my skin)
but also because its almost cliche to that of summertime.
and i love summertime.
ha. i strange.

today was also lovely because my dear sweet bosom friend sara ence got her mission call!
to the one and only calgary, canada.
couldnt be happier for the girl.
she will do great things.
love her :)

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All About Gretchen! said...

Yes, you do look lobsterish. Hahaha no offense. But, I am happy for Sara, even though I don't know her. But I can still be happy for her right?