mmmmm sundays <3
went to chandler's homecoming talk
poor kid was the ONLY speaker, 
and had to speak the day after his sisters wedding
bless his heart. he did great :)

took a glorious afternoon nap.
for 3 hours. haha 

yummy dinner.
yummy dessert.

the tony awards!
text to kym at 8:18 PM 'Hey, are you watching the tonys?'
text received from kym at 8:18 PM 'Are you watching the tonys?"
seriously. we texted each other at the same moment.
that is why we are friends
definite highlight of my day. i laughed so hard

watched toy story 2 before bed. excited for number 3.
i sure hope they didnt ruin it!

now, off to sleep.
hope there are more kids at camp this week!


All About Gretchen! said...

You and Kym are so weird. But I think it's entertaining. I don't think I have ever met Kym. And you better hope there is more kids at your camp. . . . a whole 4 kids isn't enough.

Kym said...

HAHA I love that you blogged about our text messages. That seriously was the funniest thing that has happened in a long time. Mostly because both messages were the exact same--verbatim! So great!