this is what we did:
and this:
 i very much approved of today :)

also had the greatest conversation with one of my campers...his name is jonathan, he is 7, but the first day he introduced himself as Johnny that is what we call him :)

me: 'hey johnny appleseed, can i eat lunch with you?'
johnny appleseed: 'ya, ok'
me: 'what did you bring for lunch today'
johnny appleseed: 'a PB&J sandwich'
me: 'oh i bet its apple jam, since you are Johnny Appleseed'
johnny appleseed: 'no, not today'
me: 'oh darn maybe tomorrow'
johnny appleseed: 'ya maybe, but this is really good raspberry jam that my mom made, so i might eat this for a while. i will bring you some if you want cause its good'
me: 'guess what johnny appleseed, you are my new hero. im serious. im even going to tell my family that johnny appleseed is my hero.'
johnny appleseed: 'really? like the me johnny appleseed, or the one that died in the 80s?'
me: 'died in the 80s? ha johnny appleseed didnt die in the 80s'
johnny appleseed: 'oh you are right, it was the hundred and forties'

oh my gosh. i love working with kids. they never cease to crack me up :)

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All About Gretchen! said...

Hahahah. that sounds like a cute kid:)