best. friday. ever.
A. Ag in the Classroom seminar....epic
B. Breakfast at Village Inn with my fav level 3 girls
C. taking a nap. (i have had this nap scheduled in my planner for 2 weeks...i was so excited)
D. this FINALLY becoming available on itunes
E. having the GREATEST time catching up with these girls
reminiscing about the good old days,
and talking about life
and anything and everything
seriously so great
oh how i have missed them...


Dana Cheryl said...

an exceptional friday!! i can't think of anyone more deserving of such a day. :)

Whit Sariah said...

oh thanks! you are too sweet :)

oh and ps. you should TOTALLY check out those books if you have a little nephew. be sure to practice reading them first :) they are just that great...and if you are reading out loud to him the first time through w/o reading it first you wont make it through, its just too funny!